NEW! NEW! NEW! Claws Mates Fangs (The Omega Wars Book 1) Just Released!

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Omega, the name has always been associated to the weakest in the pack, the lesser than, the ones who were the least desired. But, what if all that isn’t true? Enter the world of the Omega Wars, where Omegas not only save the day, but can one day rule the world.

For the past two years, Coyote shifter Elijah’s life has been hell. His father, the pack Alpha is embarrassed by his son’s status as an Omega and locks him in his room. The ruler says he doesn’t want his Omega son, who is also gay, to infect the rest of the pack members. Elijah learns to accept his fate and to live the rest of his life in isolation. Until, the local Bear Clan makes a treaty with the Coyotes in order to fight a common enemy. There is just one catch, the Clan’s leader, Kayden is to be mated with Elijah.

Kayden knows finding an Omega will help solidify his Clan. As a new Alpha, Kayden sometimes flounders and needs the extra help. What Kayden doesn’t expect is to find himself drawn to the timid, standoffish Omega. Yet, as hard as Kayden tries, he can’t crack through Elijah’s shields. Time is running out, though, as Elijah struggles to grasp that he may hold a great power that can change the tide of the war and their happiness.

Will Elijah learn to trust and open his heart to Kayden? And will Elijah be able to accept what power a true Omega has? Or will they fall to the enemy and be lost forever?

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Cherry Picker (Blue Line Hockey #7) Just Re-Released!

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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how fast you skate, pain will still find a way to get you.

Derry Cronwell has only wanted two things in life, to be able to play professional hockey and the freedom to make his own choices in life. When he finally manages to land a spot on the Hawks’ farm team, he hopes to finally have both of his dreams come true. There are only a couple of problems. First, Derry’s brother, Pat is the captain of the Cougars—the Hawks’ biggest rivals. Second, Derry is terrified that his deepest secret will finally get out—that he’s gay and has a massive crush on Hawks’ defenseman, Fallon.

Fallon and the Cougars have a grudge that goes back for years, so the last thing he wants is one of their bratty little brothers on his team. But as he gets to know Derry, Fallon finds himself drawn to the timid offense man. Then Fallon finds out just how bad Derry’s private life is, and he knows he will do anything to help the other man. Will Fallon be able to rescue Derry from all his demons?

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Playing the Point (Blue Line Hockey #6) Just Re-Released!

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While growing up, Zimon always lived in his older brother’s shadow. While his sibling went on to join the military and came back a war hero, things grew even worse as Zimon’s life spiraled out of control, and he found himself in a dark place where he came close to losing his life.

When Zimon’s brother fell in love, all the rules changed in their once nice, neat life, and Zimon finds himself in the role of supporting his brother in his newest dream, opening and running the biggest hockey rink in the metro Detroit area. While Zimon had never envisioned his future being the manager at the front service desk of a rink, it beats working as a shot-boy at the gay club, so he jumps at the chance for the new job.

Bryce never imagined that, while at the height of his NHL career, he’d find himself becoming part owner of a rundown hockey rink. Yet that’s exactly what happens when a group of his friends get it in their crazy heads to start the new business. One day when he’s in town, he decides to check the place out. When he clashes with the bratty, yet cute, man running the front desk, Bryce is both annoyed and intrigued.

Will Zimon and Bryce ever be able to get over their differences? Or will the final buzzer sound before they find a way to happiness?

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Change on the Fly (Blue Line Hockey #5) Just Re-Released!

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From a very young age, Aldrich knew two things—he’d grow up to play professional hockey and he’d make his mentor fall in love with him. After years of hard work, both are within his grasp. Not only has a professional team called him up from his farm club, but the man he’s dreamed of for years has finally noticed him.

Then everything is brutally torn from him when he suffers a career-ending injury and finds himself dumped before the relationship has even really started. Depressed, he retreats to his childhood home where he runs into his former best friend and hockey buddy, Nobel. They rekindle their friendship and grow closer…in more ways than one. Aldrich is shocked to realize that not only has he been overlooking what could be the best thing in his life, but love may have always been right in his own backyard.

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NEW! The Paramedic Who Hated Jazz Just Released!

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For six months, Bill has been admiring his new fellow paramedic, Chauncey. Yet, no matter how many times Bill asks Chauncey out, he is refused. Bill doesn’t let that stop him, though. He sees something he wants and he’s determined to get it. There is something about the other man that calls to Bill. Plus, Bill can tell there is something haunting Chauncey. Something that could very well destroy the younger man from the inside out. Bill wants to help Chauncey, but he doesn’t know how.

After a horrible incident in his home town of Flint, Chauncey moves to New Orleans for a fresh start. But, he can’t forget one horrible night where his entire world collapsed. He yearns to move on, but can’t. Then he finds himself drawn to Bill. It doesn’t matter to Chauncey that Bill is nearly ten years older. Chauncey wants the other man and decides to take a leap of faith.

When Chauncey’s past continues to block his way to happiness, he realizes he’s still mentally damaged. Will he be able to overcome everything in order to have happiness? Or will he forever be alone?

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The Angry Dove & The Assassin (Wayne County Wolves #5) Just Released!

Wayne County Wolves  5

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Years ago, Dove Shifter Caley lost his entire family to Wolf shifters. When he had to take refuge with the Wayne County Wolves, he was less than happy. But he has adjusted—more or less. Then a war breaks out with another pack, and the Alpha is forced to hire a group of assassins to help them out, one of which is a Wolf named Grey—the biggest, scariest Wolf Caley has ever seen. Terrified, Caley vows to avoid him, even as he finds himself strangely attracted to Grey at the same time.

The moment Grey sees the small, yet sexy, Dove, he knows he wants him. The problem is the Dove avoids talking to him, let alone get up close and personal. Then the pack is attacked, and Caley is in danger. Will Caley learn to trust Grey in time? Or will his fear cause him to pay the ultimate price?

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Jax’s Rebellion (Coalition Training Academy #1)

All my Stephani Readers, I owe you an apology. Somewhere between Personal Assistants to Stephani and me possibly having a huge brain fart Jax’s Rebellion (Coalition Training Academy #1) wasn’t announced. Or…I just can’t find the original post. I feel so ashamed.

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The first in a new Young Adult spin-off from her Lost Shifters series, Stephani opens the doors to the training academy for future soldiers.

Jax defies his father and joins with the Coalition’s Academy to train as a future soldier. But, that isn’t the only obstacle in the young Lion’s way. He is small, a dork, and the furthest thing from fighting material. He is determined to not let that get in his way. He vows to prove his father wrong and become an asset to the Coalition.

But, as his world changes, Jax begins to doubt his decision. He’s worthless when it comes to fighting. He has to adjust to life away from home, and his only friend is Ava. Will Jax’s self-doubt be his downfall, or will he be able to overcome it to become the shifter he always dreamed of?

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Doc Featherstone’s Return (Lost Shifters Book #25) Just Re-Released!

The Lost Shifters 25
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Ever since Hawk shifter Ash suffered near fatal wounds in a Raven attack, he has slumped into a deep depression. Now unable to walk, let alone shift, he has lost his spark for life. His friends and loved ones fear they will lose him forever. Desperate, they think that the only one who can give him the will to live is Doc Featherstone, the one man that Ash has ever shown any interest in. The problem is Doc Featherstone has returned to his family to recover from his own wounds from the attack.

Bobcat shifter Joshua Featherstone has harbored a secret attraction for the spunky Hawk shifter for a long time. But he has kept his distance, afraid that their age difference would be too big to overcome. Although once he hears that Ash is in need of his help, Joshua rushes back to the Coalition. Will he make it in time? Or has Ash turned to the darkness forever?

***This book has been re-edited and there are some additions from the previous version. These changes add to the story but do not impact the overall story. Also, the first edition was #24, now there will not be a Book 24 listed as this is now Book 25.***

If you’ve purchased it before please send a copy of your receipt to with your preferred format and I’ll get that to you.

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Justice’s Little Annoyance (Wayne County Wolves #4) Just Re-Released!

Wayne County Wolves 4

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Tyson—the Wolf had been nothing but an annoyance to Justice since he’d sought refuge with the Wolf Pack. Sure, the kid may be cute enough, but he’s more hyper than a kid jacked up on candy, and he never knew when to shut up. So, why is it that Justice felt an attraction to the hyper Wolf with a motor mouth? What’s more, why was he so protective of him?

Ever since the Justice came to the Pack, Tyson had a mad crush on Justice. There was just something about the quiet Tiger shifter that called to Tyson and made him want to claim the man as his own, so Tyson was sad and disappointed when Justice seemed to always be so annoyed with him.

Then another Pack moved in and tried to take the Wayne County Pack’s territory, and everybody was going to have to work together to survive. Will Justice be able to protect Tyson? Or will Tyson’s eagerness to please get him into trouble?

***This story was previously released under the title JUSTICE’S LITTLE NIBBLER***

If you’ve purchased it before please send a copy of your receipt to with your preferred format and I’ll get that to you.

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Ackley’s Savior (Lost Shifters #23) Just Re-Released!

The Lost Shifters 23

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Ever since Ackley’s twin, Tatum, has found his mate, things haven’t been the same. While Ackley is happy for his brother, Ackley is lonely and lost without his partner in crime. Therefore, Ackley sets his mind on finding his own mate. He knows the perfect guy to fit the bill, too. A certain shifter who is just like Tatum’s mate…or so Ackley thinks.

Ackley’s choice of mate doesn’t want to be the meek, quiet type of guy that Ackley wants. He’s always been tough and independent, and that’s not going to change, no matter how hot Ackley is. Then the Coalition finds itself in danger, and the two men have to work together to save the day. Will they be able to set aside their differences long enough? And if so, will they find love along the way?

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