Hello I’m Joie! I’m here to tell everyone about my mother and fill up her welcome page. I know this is something she is supposed to be doing herself, but she really hates talking about herself, so she asked me to do it for her. So, what can I tell you about her that you guys don’t already know? She’s a wonderful, smart person who bring characters to life with her many books.  She loves her two little kittens, and her old dog. She loves anything marvel, mostly the charismatic Deadpool and cute, little Groot. And we can’t forget about Star-Lord, either. She is the only one who isn’t mad at him after Infinity Wars. LOL

She loves reading books, and listens to her music while writing. Alternative Rock, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, AWOLNATON and Lorde being some of her favorites. She likes to hear from her readers, listens closely to their helpful comments.

Photo: Night Fang sticking his tongue out while Shane sleeps