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I am sorry that I haven’t had a new release lately. I had the best intentions of keeping my regular deadlines, as I treasure each and every one of you. However, I was ordered by several doctors and practitioners that I need to slow down for a while. That doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing any books in the near future. It just mean, that for a while, the pace will slow down a bit.

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Warlock Unbound Out Now!

warlock unbound Warlock Unbound

Detroit City Warlocks #2

Can one Andor help his mate embrace the future or will Lucas be forever trapped by his past?


While Andor loves working for the Warlock resistance as a doctor, he always felt that there has been something missing in his life. Then as he watch his brother and his mate, Andor realizes what it is, he’s missing his other half. But, when and where will he find him?


Lucas has been locked up in the Warlock rehabilitation camps since he was fifteen. That was the age when he lost control of his magic and accidently killed his own family. Ever since then he’s been a pariah in his own community and feared by humans. Finally, after seven years, Lucas has enough of the hate and he manages to escape and is rescued by members of the resistance.


Andor has heard of Lucas’ past. Yet, he can’t help but feel an attraction to the other Warlock. Will Lucas finally be able to open himself enough to embrace the future? Or will Lucas continue to let his past haunt him, thus taking away any chance of a HEA?


Chapter One

Pain or hunger-which one was worse? Lucas often asked himself that question as he lay rotting away in the Warlock Internment Camp. Not that the answer mattered anyway, because he didn’t see himself getting any relief from either any time soon.

He’d been there since he was fifteen. Ten whole years of hell and yet he had been denied the welcoming hands of death. After all, he knew he deserved it. In fact, when they had first captured him, they should have offed him right on the spot. It would have made things easier on him. Then he wouldn’t have to live with the relentless guilt.

Lucas was slouched against a rusted out toolshed, although the building didn’t hold any tools. He gazed out at the camp. It was overcrowded with warlocks and witches, all wearing the same kinds of ragged clothing as Lucas wore. Luckily, Lucas’ garment covered all his private parts and he still had shoes. That was because the others were afraid to get too close to him.

The ground at the camp didn’t boast a speck of grass. All there was to be seen was mud, sand and waste. The smell was bad, or rather Lucas assumed it was. After being there so long, he’d become accustomed to the scent.

His friend, Charlie, shuffled over and slid down so he was sitting next to Lucas. As Lucas gazed at Charlie, the warlock’s heart broke. He and Charlie had been friends from birth. Charlie was the only one who had not turned his back on him, so it hurt to see him in such a sad state.

Charlie’s short, beautiful, golden hair was now a gray matted mess that went past his shoulders. His sparking blue eyes were dull and full of hopelessness. The only clothing he wore was a pair of stained jeans so thin that they were literally falling apart and the red t-shirt he had on was in no better condition.

That wasn’t the worst thing, though. That prize went to how emaciated Charlie was. He was so thin that it was a wonder he could even stand, much less walk. Charlie had a large tear in one side of his shirt, and Lucas could see every bone on Charlie’s ribcage. The warlock’s face had sunken in so much that his eyes looked overlarge and his teeth seemed to be protruding from his face.

“How are you feeling?” Charlie inquired, his voice coming out raspy and wheezy.

“I should be the one asking you that question,” Lucas replied. He reached over and felt Charlie’s forehead. “You’re burning up.”

“Yeah, I feel like shit. I don’t think that I’ll be here on Earth much longer. Hopefully, the Mother Goddess hasn’t completely forgotten us and she’ll still accept my soul and not leave me in limbo.”

Lucas had stopped believing in the Goddess the day his parents had died. What had happened that night defied all common sense and should have never gone down. He didn’t say anything, for he’d long come to the conclusion that the Goddess had forsaken him. Otherwise, why would she have stripped the witches of all their powers and let all of them who came from a magical family be rounded up? No, not rounded up, but thrown in these pits where they were slowly starved to death. No so-called Goddess that Lucas was raised to believe in would ever do that.

“Have you gone to the infirmary yet?” Lucas asked.

Charlie gave him a droll stare. “We both know that wouldn’t work. Not only do they not have any medicine anymore, but if the guards were to find out I was sick, they would just shoot me on the spot.”

Lucas had a sick feeling in his stomach. He hated to admit it, but Charlie was right. The guards claimed it was to prevent disease from running through the camp. Lucas didn’t believe it for one damn minute. It was just an excuse for them to rid themselves of a few more warlocks or witches.

“Okay, no infirmary, but I want you to stick as close as you can to me. Something big is about to happen,” Lucas said.


“I don’t know for certain. The bands on my wrists still block my magic enough so I can’t get a clear grasp on it. I just know that it’s going to happen soon and it’s going to change both of our lives.”

Charlie sat up a bit straighter. “Will the change be for the better or worse?”

“I could be wrong, but something tells me that it will good for us, but like I said, things are a bit hazy.”

Charlie let out a frustrated grunt. “I wish I still had my powers like you do.”

“No, you don’t. It’s because of my strong powers that I lost my parents. It’s more of a curse than a gift. People stare at me like I’m a monster. Do you know that you’re the only one who will even come near me? Everybody else treats me like I have the plague or something.”

“It could be because you stink so much. After all, you haven’t taken a shower in ten years.”

Lucas gave a shrug. “That could be true. You’ve only been here for two years, so you must smell like roses compared to me.”

“I hate to break it to you, but we all smell the same-like death, B.O., pus and mud. I don’t think we can get any lower.”

Lucas struggled to his feet. “Well, you better get ready, because my premonition is about to go down, now!”

“How do you know?” Charlie asked, struggling to stand as well.

“I just do.”

Lucas grabbed Charlie by the cuff of his shirt and dragged him in the tool shed. It wasn’t the most ideal place for cover, but it was something. No sooner had they jumped inside than a blast of magic hit the area they had been sitting, leaving behind a large, dark spot.

“Fuck,” Charlie whispered quietly.

The fact that he didn’t cry out was a telling point of Charlie’s ability to survive. After all, it had taken them a lot longer to catch Charlie than it had Lucas. It was a joke between Lucas and Charlie that the warlock had the survival skills of a cockroach. Nothing could take him down. Or rather, Lucas hoped so.

There were several large explosions, then the whistling sound of exchanging fires of magic filled the air. Lucas could hear the screams of both men and woman as they died or were injured. Tendrils of smoke began to fill the shed, letting Lucas know that there was at least one huge fire somewhere in the camp.

“What’s going on?” Charlie asked.

Wanting to know the answer to that question himself, Lucas peeked out of the shed. What he saw nearly drove him to the knees. Other warlocks were there, but they weren’t in chains and they obviously didn’t work for the government, either. They wore a uniform of sorts, but Lucas had never seen it before.

Lucas told Charlie what he saw, and Charlie gasped. “That’s the resistance. They’ve come here to free us.”

“Why would they do that?” Lucas asked bitterly. “It’s not like any of us are in any condition to fight for them.”

“Has it every occurred to you that they might be doing it because they don’t want to do nothing while their fellow warlocks suffer?”

“And when is it going to occur to you that nobody cares for us. We’ve been sent here to die, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

“I hate to break it to you, but that’s exactly what they’re doing,” Charlie retorted.

No more words were exchanged as they continued to hide out in their ragtag shelter. A few times, there were some close calls as magic flashes zapped through their shed; they made sure to keep their heads low. But even doing that didn’t make Lucas feel safe by any means.

Lucas felt a moment of joy when he realized that the resistance was winning. Slowly but surely, they had picked off the guards until there were only a few left. Then Lucas’ happiness turned to horror when the handful of guards who remained began to shoot at the prisoners! They didn’t care that the resistance was still coming for them, and they were going to die. They were determined that the prisoners were going to go down with them.

When Grandmother Lynn was hit by one of those bullets, Lucas had to put a hand over his own mouth to hold in the cries of despair. Not that she was his grandmother or anybody else’s for that matter. She had always been so kind and loving. There were many times when she had shared her meager food with somebody who would have died otherwise. Now she was lying on the filthy ground, a large burn hole in her stomach, wearing nothing but rags, her long gray hair fluttering in the smoke-filled air.

“Who is it? Who just got killed?” Charlie asked in a low whisper.

“Grandmother Lynn,” Lucas replied in like tone.

“No.” Charlie let out a soft moan.

Lucas wanted to bang against the walls. To go out there, rip off his cuffs and show those cowardly warlock guards what pain really was. No, better yet, he didn’t want to use magic at all because they didn’t deserve to go out that way. Lucas would kill them with his bare hands. He would pin them to the ground and strangle the bastards, for Grandmother Lynn, for his parents, for the family members that he’d lost.

For the first time in his life, Lucas didn’t fear. He only felt anger or despair. He felt downright rage. Most of all, he wanted vengeance. He wanted it so bad that he was willing to do anything to get it. Even if that meant that he had to die in the process, those that oppressed warlocks and witches would feel the price of pain.

Charlie grabbed Lucas by the front of his shirt and then rolled back to the ground. To Lucas’ horror, there was a huge scorch mark where he’d just been standing. Damn! Lucas should have been paying more attention. Now that Charlie had saved his life, Lucas would never hear the end of it.

“You need to be more careful,” Charlie warned. “The resistance is going to want you more than all of us put together.”

Lucas made a raspberry sound at his friend. Charlie rolled his eyes.

“Very mature of you,” Charlie snapped. “But we both know I’m right. The resistance will be happy to have you on their side. You and I both know it.”

“Yeah, right, and one day Mathias will be able to conduct a successful spell.”

Charlie put his hands on his hips. “That’s not even fair. Mathias hasn’t been able to do any training for a year because he’s in here. Now, stop trying to dodge the question and tell me what your problem is really. What is it that you don’t want the resistance to know about you?”

Lucas turned on Charlie. “You know well and good why they don’t want me. In fact, I’ll be lucky if they don’t kill me on the spot.”

“But it was an accident. Surely, they’ll believe that.”

Lucas gave Charlie a jaded look. “It’s pretty hard to explain why you exploded your own home while your parents were in it.”

“Your powers manifested too early, and they were huge. Nobody could have planned for, or expected, that.”

Lucas closed his eyes as he recalled that night. How he’d just stood there in the rubble, shocked, scared and amazed at what he’d just done. No warlock should have been capable of pulling off the trick he’d done. Yet he had, and he’d killed his parents in the process.

Before Lucas had known it, he was captured by the humans. They had thrown a pair of shackles on him to suppress his magic and then thrown him in the camp, where he still lived today.

But as always, word traveled fast amongst the magic community, and soon everybody had known what Lucas did. They called him all kinds of names-monster, murderer, evil, wicked, or crazy. It was the last one that really got to him, because Lucas was as sane as any one of them. He was just a poor sap who had gained his full magical abilities too soon and didn’t know how to control them.

Silence now fell over the camp. Being the nosey posey that he was, Lucas peered out of the side of the shed. He was relieved to see that all the guards were dead and the only people standing were from the resistance. Now, all Lucas had to do was hope that the rumors were true and the resistance was really made up of the good guys.

A tall, muscular man with short dark hair and brown eyes was walking toward their hiding spot. Lucas wanted to call out a warning, but for some reason, he found that he couldn’t speak anymore. He was too mesmerized with the warlock in front of him to do anything but stand and stare.

Warlock-Ha! The man looked more like a warrior or a gladiator or something. He had perfect pecs, tight abs, and his arms were so large that they could easily break Lucas in two if the he had a mind to.

Finally, the warlock approached Lucas, and there was no more chance to run away. Although, Lucas doubted they would have gotten far had they tried to in the first place.

“I’m Andor, and we’re here to rescue you,” the warlock said in a warm voice.

“I’m Lucas, but if you’re taking people out, I’d much rather you take my friend Charlie first. He’s way worse off than I am.”

Andor smiled. “There aren’t too many left that would give up their well-being for another. I think we’re going to get along just fine.”

Taming an Owl Out Now!

Taming an Owl

Taming an Owl

Flushing Owl Book 2

Sometimes your past has a way of catching up with you, even if you don’t know what said past may be.
When Gene was freed from prison, he was more than happy to join Austin’s Owl Parliament. After all, Gene’s childhood family had exiled him and turned their backs, leaving Gene nowhere to go. He was a nobody. A floater. Just a whisper in the wind.
Ever since Gene joined the  Parliament, Leon finds he is drawn to the newcomer. But there are just a few problems, as Gene is smart-mouthed, snarky, cocky, never listens to orders, and has more attitude than a four-year-old who has been denied his candy.
Then an unexpected threat comes from Gene’s past and threatens his life. Will Leon be able to save him? If so, will he be able to overcome all his fears in order to claim Gene as his?


Gene went into the bathroom, then came out a few moments later. While he appeared to be wearing the same clothing, Gene knew that damn green thong was on underneath it all. It both turned Leon on and angered him at the same time. For some reason, he felt that he should be the only one to see Gene’s body, not a bunch of nameless, horny men who were waving dollar bills around.

Gene grabbed his backpack and stuffed his book in it. “That should about do it. They said I get a free lunch and that they’ll grease me up once I’m there.”

Leon balled his hands into tight fists. He. Would. Not. Kill. He’d promised Austin that he’d keep hold of his temper after the last incident, when some jerk frat boy had dared to mouth off to Leon. Leon still didn’t know what the big deal was. All he’d done was taken out his knife and slash all the guy’s tires. The asshole hadn’t even gotten out of his car, so there wasn’t any real confrontation. So, in Leon’s opinion, the whole thing had been way overblown.

Besides, he reminded himself once again, it wasn’t as if Gene was his. That meant that Leon didn’t own him or anything. So Gene could run naked through the streets and Leon would have no say in it.

“Okay then. Let’s go,” Leon said.

Gene gaped at him. “You were actually serious when you said you were going to come and watch over me?”

“You bet.”

“Why? I’m going to be in the cage the entire time. How much safer can I be?”

“You still have to walk to and from there. I’m pretty sure this bar isn’t in the best of neighborhoods.”

Gene crossed his arms over his chest. “I can take care of myself.”

“Sure, that’s why you were captured and kept in a cell for five years.”

That comment got Leon a dirty look.

“Low blow,” Gene snapped. “Besides, when they caught me, I was way outnumbered. There was no way I could have fought them all off. Not even you would have been capable, and you fight like a fricking superhero.”

Leon couldn’t help but smile at the comment. “You think that much about my fighting skills?”

Gene let out a huff. “Come on. Like you don’t know you fight better than Arnold, Seagal, and Van Damme combined. You just want to hear me say it, so I can inflate that already mega ego of yours.”

Now it was Leon’s turn to gape. “I don’t have an ego.”

“Please, your ego is so huge I’m surprised there’s room for the rest of us in the house.”

And that was the crux of Leon’s problem. He didn’t know whether to strangle Gene or kiss him. He did know one thing, he’d better figure it out fast, or he was going to go crazy. This little menace was beginning to occupy all of Leon’s thoughts. Since Leon was the head of the Parliament’s security, that was not a good thing. If Leon had one little slip up, it could affect the whole group.

Letting out a small growl, Leon said, “Let’s just get going.”

Somebody’s Been a Bad Little Wolf Out Now!

Somebody's Been a Bad little wolfSomebody’s Been a Bad Little Wolf

Wayne County Wolves Book #12

Sometimes, just as you’ve given up all hope, your true love comes into your life and turns everything upside down.

A dollar short and a day too late, if that wasn’t the story of Levine’s life. Every time the Omega falls for another Wolf, he only manages to lose him to another man. Finally, Levine has given up all hope until a new Wolf, Colt, joins the pack. Levine finds himself instantly attracted to the man and is determined to catch him, no matter what it takes.

Colt is just trying to get used to his new pack. The last thing he needs is some crazy Omega, who is obviously off his rocker, bugging him all the time. Try as he might, though, he can’t make Levine go away. To make things worse, Colt is actually starting to find himself attracted to the Omega.

Will Levine finally get his man? Or is he destined to be alone forever?



Colt was just about to flick his gaze away, when the Omega got up and began to walk his way. Shit! That could only mean one thing—he was actually going to have to talk to the little brat. Just when he thought that things couldn’t get any worse in his life, too.

The Omega drew close enough for Colt to smell. Oh, hell. Things were going to be harder than he’d first imagined. The Omega smelled good enough to eat. It was a mixture on honeysuckle and pine. Colt drew his hands into fists as he told his body to maintain control. The last thing he wanted was to embarrass himself in front of one of the first pack members he met.

“Hi, I’m Levine. How can I help you?” the Omega asked.

There were so many ways that Colt wanted to answer that question, most of which were probably illegal in some countries. But Colt knew he couldn’t utter even one of them.

So he just went with, “I need to speak with your Alpha, please.”

Levine smiled, showing off one dimple. Just one, not two, showing another way that he was unique. “I’ll be happy to bring you to him. Just follow me.”

As soon of Levine turned and revealed his fine ass, Colt realized he would follow the Omega anywhere, even off a cliff. Levine paused to wave at somebody. An assassin, going by the cloak and hood the shifter was wearing. Colt wondered if they were a pair. For some odd reason, that made a bolt of white hot anger shoot through him. Which he had no right to feel. It’s not like Levine was his mate or anything. Hell, the two had only known each other for a few moments for cripes sake.

“Is that your boyfriend or something?” Colt still asked, call him cray-cray, but he just couldn’t control himself sometimes.

Levine gave a slight shake of his head. “Naw, I’m not with anybody. In fact, I was just telling Toby today that I may as well give it up and admit that I’m going to grow old and become a spinster.”

Colt almost tripped when he heard that statement. Levine, a spinster? Was he high or something? There was no way in hell that somebody that good looking didn’t have guys throwing themselves at him all the time. Unless he was a serial killer, wet the bed, or was guilty of some other heinous deed.

“Why is that? I would think you would have guys throwing themselves at your feet?” Colt asked, his confusion growing.

Levine gave a slight shrug. “I don’t know. Guys just don’t want me. Every time I see one that I like, he gets snatched out from under me by somebody else.”

Fallon’s Raven Out Now!

Fallon's RavenFallon’s Raven

Birds of Prey #4

 Just when you thought that your fate was set in stone, someone comes along to show you just how wrong you can be.

    Ever since he saw Raven, Fallon knew the Bird of Prey was meant to be his. Fallon didn’t give a damn that Raven wasn’t his predestined mate. All that mattered to Fallon was that he wanted and he wanted now! So, he tricks Raven into going into the underworld, where Fallon plans on keeping the warrior there forever.

    Things go awry when Athena shows up to fetch her Bird of Prey. Not only does she need Raven back, but she needs a big favor from Fallon. Frustrated over possibly losing the man that he has become attached to, Fallon agrees to help the goddess. Will Fallon and Raven find a way to become mates, despite fate? Or are the doomed to be separated forever?


 Fallon materialized behind the home of the Atlanta Birds of Prey. Not even fazed by their security system, Fallon sauntered in to the house and went to the one destination he favored most, Raven’s room.

    The guy was putting up a fight, but hell, Fallon loved a challenge. He craved it and Raven was fighting their attraction tooth and nail. Fallon could feel Raven wearing down, though. It was only a matter of time.

    Fallon stared at the very few items that Raven had in his room, brushing his fingers over the items on the dresser. An older looking comb, some aftershave and that was about it. The guy just didn’t have a lot of possessions.

    The Birds of Prey were paid well, Fallon knew. Why didn’t Raven have anything? Fallon opened up the closet and saw a whole bunch of leather. The corner of his mouth tilted into a smile. He loved seeing Raven in the tight leather pants. Well, Raven had the clothes just not really anything else.

    Fallon sat in a chair in the corner and waited for Raven to return.

    He had a lot to do in the Underworld. He and his father were working to make a move to help out in this fucking war. Athena was getting her ass handed to her, but she was getting the help she needed in other places. His mother had to go up to Olympus when it was her time to be with his father, Hades, just to help in the cause. Gods, Hades was pissed about that. Persephone and Hades had very little time together, and when that got disrupted, watch out. Even as their son, Fallon was hoping his mother would get back to the Underworld as soon as she could.

    Fallon rubbed his brow with his thumb, feeling a damn headache coming on. Raven was smack in the middle of it all. If Athena’s birds didn’t get help soon…

    The door to Raven’s room opened, and the man himself stepped in, his black hair long in the front and shaved in the back. Fallon craved just one look at his steel gray eyes. Raven was almost as tall as his own six feet five inches, and muscles flexed in the tight black shirt as the man turned and closed his door behind him.

    Raven hadn’t seen him yet, which was obvious when the man pulled his shirt over his head and began to undress. Fallon just leaned back in the chair with a smirk on his face and got nice and comfortable for the show. Raven stripped out of his leather pants, showing a tight, muscular ass. Gods, how Fallon wanted to take him right then and there. He squirmed in his chair as his body reacted to the sight of Raven completely naked.

    Raven scratched his chest as he went to his dresser and put on relaxing lounge pants. “Enjoy the show?” Raven turned and glared at him.

    Fallon laughed. “Yes.”

    “Every damn night, you break into my room. There are no words for the level of creepiness that is. And like every night, I’ll tell you again, get out.” Raven’s eyes flashed in anger.

    Oh yes. Time to play.