GRL and Some Other Updates

Sorry for being AWOL lately. I had to go back into day treatment for my bi-polar, anxiety, and PTSD disorder and I ended up being there for three weeks. Between that and the med changes I was pretty much a mess. But, no worries. I’m back and better than ever now. Or rather I will be once I get used to the new meds. Right now I’m riding the Lithium train so if anyone sees me at GRL and I mix my words up a bit you have total permission to laugh at me.

Speaking of GRL. I will be there with bells on. I can’t wait to see everybody, too. Joie will be attending for the first time ever! She is super excited. Due to the Asperger’s, she can be super shy at times, so don’t be taken aback if she doesn’t talk to you at first. That’s just the way she is. If you don’t know what she looks like, just look for a tiny gal, with dark pink hair, glasses and cute hats. She may appear to be twelve, but that’s only because she’s always been short for her age. Oh! She is could pass for Cody’s twin.

Cody won’t be there. Due to his broken arm, he had to miss too much work, but he sends you all his best wishes and love. He says he will be back next year.

Repeat after me: Never roller blade while drunk. It never ends well.

Stephani at GRL!