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A Tempting Distraction-Excerpt

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Hawk shifter, Garrett has never been one to deny himself what he wants. So when he sees the newest addition to the feline coalition, a cute tiger shifter named Owen, Garrett doesn’t hesitate to make sure they end up in bed. Garrett only plans on keeping the encounter a one-time experience, though. Commitments aren’t something he does and just because Owen is hot, great in the sack and charming isn’t going to change things. Despite his resolve, however, Garrett finds that one taste of Owen is not enough. Which just confuses the hell out of Garrett since they couldn’t be more different. Where Garrett is all business and serious, Owen is a hacker who dies his hair in wild colors and dresses like a punk. Most importantly, Garrett is a Hawk and Owen a Tiger and the two rarely mate.
Owen, who has just been reunited with his coalition, has never known any kind of loving relationship. Raised by a cruel foster father, the only thing Owen ever learned was how to be a thief and a hacker. So when he finds himself thrust into a coalition and stuck with an overprotective older brother, Owen can’t help but feel lost. The only bright spot in his life is Garrett.  While Owen realizes that Garrett plans on keeping their encounter a one-time event, a part of him hopes that the Hawk will eventually want more.
Then Owen makes a stupid mistake that puts not only himself, but the rest of the coalition in danger. As Garrett realizes that he may lose Owen, he knows that nothing will stop him from saving the Tiger, even if he has to sacrifice himself in order to do so.
 Garrett moved closer to the door, not quiet stooping so low as to give in and actually press his cheek against the cheap wood. Even without opening it, he knew Owen was on the other side. Garrett could smell him, the slightly wild, almost jungle-like scent that was uniquely Owen. Even now, some of the smell still lingered on Garrett’s body, refusing to come off despite the fact he’d taken several showers.
It all became too much for Garrett. With a growl of frustration he pushed open the door, not even bothering to knock. The wood bounced loudly off the wall, startling Owen who sat behind his desk.
For a few breaths, Garrett just studied him, once again wondering what it was about this feline that made him so different from all the others. Owen had a pair of ridiculous safety goggles on, the dorkiness of them only adding to his appeal. He’d changed the highlights in his hair to purple, which matched the tight hoodie he wore. While he had the new tennis shoes on, his jeans had seen better days.
“Garrett? What are you doing here?” Owen demanded, a slight frown on his face.
Garrett slammed the door shut and blindly reached behind to engage the flimsy lock.
Owen swallowed nervously, “Did I forget something at your place?”
“Stand up,” Garrett ordered in his best don’t-you-dare-disobey voice.
Owen tugged on one of the spikes in his hair as he blinked a few times. “Why?”
“Did I say the floor was open for questions? Just do it.”
Owen bristled and for a fraction of a second, Garrett thought a fuck-off would be coming his way. Then Owen’s blue eyes grew dark with desire as he pushed back the folding chair and slowly rose to his feet. The scent of his arousal filled the air, making Garrett’s cock ache in response. Owen started to move his hand up to take off the safety goggles.
“Stop! I want you keep them on,” Garrett commanded. Call him kinky, but the idea of fucking Owen while he still wore the totally unsexy glasses made Garrett almost cream his pants on the spot.
“Huh?” Owen paused, hand halfway to his face.
“Again with the questions. Maybe I should just forget this and leave,” Garrett threatened, even though he knew there was no way in hell he’d go through with it.
“Sorry, it won’t happen again.” Owen dropped his hand.
Then he did the most beautiful thing Garrett had ever seen, slowly the Tiger lowered his passion infused gaze and titled his head slightly down. It was a move of pure submission—complete surrender and the predator in Garrett totally approved. At that moment, Garrett realized he could have commanded anything and Owen would have gladly given it to him. All he’d have to do is snap his fingers and Owen would instantly drop to his knees and worship Garrett’s cock. While that was a tempting prospect, Garrett had something better in mind.