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Why I love Michigan

Many people ask me why I set most of my books in the state of Michigan. The answer is quite simple really, it’s because I love this State. Some of my best childhood memories are going to Joe Louis to see the Wings play. Traveling with my parents to the Silverdome to see a Lions game. Or waking up early every Thanksgiving to watch the parade. No, not the Macy one, but the one in Detroit.

Over the past few years it’s broken my heart to see my beloved state deteriorate the way it has. The foreclosure rate is at an all-time high, while the employment rate is at an all-time low. Since my old day job was at a bank, I got to see all this from the front lines, too. I had to watch as some of my favorite customers were forced to move away, just so they could find a good job.

Still, I never gave up on Michigan or Detroit. Why? Because we’re a state of fighters. The perpetual underdogs if you will. So, I know that we will come out on top of all this. Some of you may have already seen the now famous Chrysler commercial during the Super Bowl. If not, it’s at the bottom of this message. I dare you to watch it and not get chills.