A Holiday in Hell Out Now!

4694aholidayinhell510w-430x645 A Holiday in Hell What are two guys going to do when they both hate the holidays? Run fast and don’t look back. Fallon and Raven have been together for over a year now. The world has changed around them, and they fight daily to keep the world from ending. Now, it’s the holidays, and they are forced to share it with not only their flock but the Michigan flock as well. They’ll have to endure holiday dinner with the likes of Buzz while Sebastian and Wren try to get everyone to wear ugly holiday sweaters. What are two guys going to do when they both hate the holidays? Authors’ Note: This holiday edition is out of timeline from future releases. Thank you.   Excerpt: “Move!” Fallon turned and shoved Raven into the open path. They fought their way through just as a Jeep came screeching up into the open Detroit street. Sebastian was driving with his mate, Wren, in the passenger seat. They barely slowed down as Fallon shoved Raven into the open back, then rushed to get in behind him while the Jeep kept moving. With one more burst of effort, Fallon jumped, grabbing onto Raven’s hand, his feet still dragging until he gained purchase and pulled himself into the vehicle. The Jeep swerved as it sped down the street. “You could have slowed down!” Fallon shouted at Sebastian, who he looked at as a brother. Sebastian hiked his thumb over his shoulder. “And let them join the ride? I don’t think so. Move your ass next time, and you won’t be dragged for a city block.” Fallon turned and watched out the back window as a few of the remaining Blood Demons stared at their vehicle. Their lifeless eyes always chilled Fallon. It had been a year since the world had turned upside down. Nothing would ever be the same. Sure, some areas still were uninhabited by Blood Demons, but for how long? Most of the major cities had been taken over. The good news was that Fallon’s death army along with the military was keeping them contained to the cities. There was no more secrecy or hiding in the night. They fought in broad daylight now. The world really had changed in the last year, and everyone was having to adapt, even those who lived in areas not yet affected. Raven sidled up next to him and began to check him out. “What are you doing?” Fallon asked in confusion. “You’re hurt, dammit!” Raven poked at a sore spot on his cheekbone. “Stop! Fuck, that hurts.” Fallon grabbed his lover’s hand and pulled it from his face. He turned the tables on Raven and began checking out his wounds. They had been cornered, and Raven had taken a few kicks and punches. Raven had a cut above his eyes, and his knuckles were bloody but appeared to be in one piece. Thank fuck. “Fallon, stop it. This is so…unlike you. You’re scaring me more than the swarm of Blood Demons back there.” Raven pushed his hands out of the way. “What?” Fallon glared at Raven. “Knock it off and come here.” Raven pulled Fallon in for a deep kiss. Okay, so he wasn’t known for his nursing skills. He was more the kind to bulldoze his way into getting what he wanted, and he wanted Raven. Now this was more like it. Fallon palmed the back of Raven’s head and took over the kiss. The wind blowing around them from the open windows as they kissed grew in strength. Their tongues dueled, and Fallon’s hand began smoothing down Raven’s damp body. Damn, his man had fought hard. There was a slight cough from the front seat, and Fallon used his other hand to flip off Wren. Laughter came as a response as Raven straddled him. “Guys, guys, we’re about to hit the blockade. I’m sure the death army wouldn’t want to see you two fucking in the backseat.” Sebastian yelled. Fallon was pretty sure they wouldn’t care. As their leader, he did what he wanted, especially when it came to his mate. Hell, they were happy to see him mated to someone. The Jeep slowed, and with reluctance, Fallon pulled away from the kiss. Raven ground their cloth-covered cocks together one more time before he went to slide off. Fallon grabbed onto his ass. “Stay here.”
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  1. Kerry says:

    Can not wait to read this have a merry Christmas and a happy new year lol

  2. stephanihecht says:

    I hope you enjoyed it.

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