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4613alecsmoon510w-430x645 Alec’s Moon Wayne County Wolves Book 13 Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to look in the mirror and face who you truly are. When Alec’s childhood pack is attacked, he is captured by slavers, then saved and taken in by Chris’s pack. While all the other survivors have no problem in adjusting to their new lives, Alec just can’t seem to let go of his previous life, so, Chris calls in physiatrists North and Michi for help. From the moment Michi sees Alec, the Fox is immediately drawn to the Omega. The one problem is that Alec is Michi’s patient, so starting an intimate relationship is a huge no-no. Will Michi be able to control his urges? Or will his desire for the Omega win out, making Michi risk everything?   Excerpt: Alec had always had a habit of getting himself into a pickle here and there. After all, the Omega had never been one to use his best judgment. For example, there had been the time when he had streaked through the dwelling. It had been at meal time, too, so the whole pack had gotten a gander of him along with his twig and berries. But his cousin, Shadow, had dared Alec to do it, and Alec never backed down from a dare, no matter how bad it was or how damning the consequences might be. Then there was the pesky business of the five cars that he had totaled, even though none of the accidents were his fault…well, maybe they were a little bit his fault. But one had to make mistakes in life in order to grow—right? Besides, who in their right mind would give any twenty-four year old the keys to a Jag and not expect him to test the handling capabilities on such a work of art? The fact that he zigged when he should have zagged, making him flip the car three times until it landed upside down, was only partially his fault. They should have known better than to let him even touch the car, let alone drive it at over one hundred miles an hour down I-75. The only reason that Alec had survived was because of his enhanced shifter’s body and the fact that the pack’s medic happened to be in the car behind him. However, this instance took the cake. At least this time, it really wasn’t his fault. He had nothing to do with the fact that those stupid, fucking, psycho, hostile Wolves attacked his pack. Any more than he had any control of the fact that Clint, Alec’s now-dead pack leader, had been a shitty Alpha. Clint had sucked so bad that he shouldn’t have been put in charge of a Boy Scout troop—no, make that a Daisy Scout troop, let alone a pack of Wolves. Even though there had been warnings that hostile packs were in the area, the idiot was so shitty as an Alpha that Clint’s only attempt to amp up the security system to the dwelling was to post fake ADT Alarm signs around the grounds. No joke. Clint had even bought them off eBay. It was so stupid that it bordered on unbelievable. Alec wouldn’t have believed it either if he hadn’t seen it for himself. He would have thought that it was some bullshit story somebody had made up or some ridiculous plotline in a movie. But nope, it wasn’t—that was his Alpha. The one time that Alec had spoken up and suggested that maybe it would be a better idea to actually install a real system, Clint had snorted and told him that it was a waste of money and time. That comment hadn’t surprised Alec any, given that Clint had an overinflated ego and thought he was the toughest Wolf in the area. This was all despite the fact that Clint had never bothered to train his Betas. Instead, Clint thought it was more fun to sit on his ass all day and play video games while sending his Betas out forTaco Bell runs. Alec would even go so far as to classify Clint as a stoner, were it not for the fact that marijuana had no effect at all on shifters. So, it came as no surprise that Clint couldn’t have been less prepared for the violent attack. Not that Alec really had room to talk. He didn’t even have time to put his pants on all the way before the Wolves got into the building. Before Alec could utter a fuck no, he found himself trussed up like a baby calf, and then they had thrown Alec to one side of the common room with some of the other captives. That still hadn’t stopped Alec from seeing the massacre that followed. The members of his pack who weren’t captured were slaughtered. Three of the attackers descended upon Clint before he even had a chance to shift into his Wolf. As Alec watched in terror, they ripped Clint apart like he was nothing more than the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Alec had never been that close to Clint. The Alpha had made a point of only hanging out with his Betas and ignoring the Omegas of the pack. While Clint never really abused or mistreated his Omegas, he also never bothered to look in their direction, let alone take the time to learn their names. If it had not been for his parents and brother, Alec probably would have believed for years that his real name was Hey, you, Omega since that was the only way the rest of the pack addressed him. Despite all that, Alec could feel his throat welling up as he watched his Alpha being treated so sadistically. Even with the sounds of the ongoing battle surrounding him, Alec could still make out the anguished cries from Clint. Then when the screaming ceased, Alec felt even worse. The damning silence announcing that Clint was dead and the Betas of the pack would soon follow.
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  1. Alyse says:

    Was so happy to see you had another book out. LOVED this one, I couldn’t put it down! Thank you and can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

  2. stephanihecht says:

    Thank you, Alyse! I’m glad you enjoyed it so much!

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