An Owl Surfaces Out Now!

4342anowlsurfaces510w-430x645An Owl Surfaces out now! Sometimes, the one love you seek is closer than you ever imagined. As an Elf Owl shifter, Kayden is the smallest one in his Parliament. But that hasn’t stopped him from being an important member. An IT tech, he can hack his way into any computer system. Plus, he’s in charge of his own group’s security. Now, if he could only get their leader, Austin, to notice him for something more than his technical skills. Austin takes his job as the leader of his small Parliament of Owls seriously, which leaves little time for himself. However, he can’t help but notice the cute, small tech, Kayden. But Austin knows he has no time for romance. Not if he wants to keep his group safe. Will Austin and Kayden find a way to get together? Or are they forever doomed to be alone? Excerpt: Austin ran his hand through his hair in frustration while he thought about how he was going to approach the topic at hand without making a fool of himself. Or, worse, scaring Kayden away. “I want to talk about us,” Austin finally said. “What about us?” Kayden asked with a slight tilt of his head. “Come on. You have to admit that you feel it, too.” Austin held his breath as he waited for Kayden to deny it. “Admit what?” Kayden asked as he looked down and began to rub his toe around a ripped hole in the rug. “You’re attracted to me.” Kayden’s head whipped up. His eyes were wide with terror, and his mouth was in an O shape. “Who told you?” Austin reached out and cupped the back of Kayden’s head. Austin almost let out a sigh when he felt how soft Kayden’s hair felt. It only served to make Austin eager to keep on touching, to see how other places of Kayden felt. “Leon made me realize that I’ve been an idiot and missing all the looks you were throwing my way.” The most adorable flush covered Kayden’s cheekbones. “Shit.” Austin let out a small chuckle. “Don’t worry. The reason I hadn’t noticed them earlier was because I was throwing them your way, too.” Kayden let out a small gasp. “You were?” “I think I fell for you when we found you and your brother hiding out in that dumpster. You were so scared and alone. I would have done anything to protect you from that moment on.” “You don’t feel the same way about Kyle?” “No, there’s somebody else that has those kinds of emotions toward Kyle.” “Who?” Kayden asked, his eyes once again growing large. Austin placed a chaste kiss on the tip of Kayden’s nose. “That’s not my place to say. When the Owl in question is ready to make his move, we’ll all know. He’s just not ready yet.” Kayden gave Austin a big frown. “Fine, but if this mysterious Owl breaks Kyle’s heart, I’m going to claw his eyes out. I don’t care how big he is.” The funny thing was Austin could see Kayden trying to do just that. While Kayden might be small, he made up for it in spunk and fire. He had to, in order to survive in the untamed world after he and his brother had been exiled by their Parliament. “I wouldn’t worry about that. This Owl in question would give his own life in order to protect Kyle,” Austin assured him. “Now get ready.” “For what?” Kayden blinked up at him. “I’m going to kiss you now.” “Okay, but just so you know, I’ve never kissed anybody.” Shocked to his feathers, Austin paused. “You’re twenty-two. How is it that you’ve gone this long without kissing another man?” Kayden shrugged. “Well, before, I didn’t dare do anything because I was afraid of getting caught and exiled. Then Kyle and I were a little too busy trying to stay alive to worry about anything else. Then you guys found us, and I didn’t want anybody to touch me but you.” Stupefied, Austin asked, “So you’re a virgin?” Blushing even more, Kayden nodded. “Does this mean that you don’t want me anymore?” As if. Austin just felt like he’d won the frigging jackpot. His mate was untouched, pure…that was almost unheard of. It was also as hot as hell. So much so, that Austin nearly came in his pants at that exact moment. Austin was just going in for his long anticipated kiss, when he heard it…the cries of enemy Owls and the ominous thuds as they landed on the roof. Austin let out a loud curse.
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  1. *whistles*

    and congratulations…!

    *RJ Scott, Author* * *

  2. Cheryl says:

    I enjoyed this story and look forward to more of this series. Of course I love all of your shifters.

  3. Kim Whaley says:

    Yummy. Will have to get this. Love your stories.

  4. TracyG. says:

    Loved book 1 in this series. Will be read more.

  5. Teena M. says:

    loved this book and can’t wait for more in this series. Who am I kidding I just plan love your books!!!

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