And so it begins!

Stephani’s Coalition is up and running!

Feel free to request access and one of the admins will be happy to approve it –
Facebook was a bit mean and made me create an account so I’ve emailed a couple of people and they’ve agreed to be admins with me, yay!

Congratulations to Eileen who recommended the name and will receive a copy (once it’s ready for release) of Assassin’s Loyalty Book 2 – Max has a Sweet Tooth!

Congratulations to Leenie who is the winner of the Virgin Incubus contest!

Can you both please email me with your preferred format (PDF, ePub or Mobi)?

Now, let the fun begin 🙂

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  1. Eileen Schwarz says:

    hi CJ Im not sure you got my email but i would prefer epub

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