Another One!

I know I already posted a Must Have Cute this week, but this one was so good I had to share. They’re little, mini-five minute candles in matchbook form. How cool is that?

Cute Kawaii Stuff - 5-Minute Candles
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7 Responses to Another One!

  1. Chris says:

    Ok, that's clever! And also handy if you run out of birthday candles. 🙂

  2. They would be great to keep in different rooms of the house in case of a power outage, too. No more fumbling in the dark.

  3. Ava March says:

    Oh, how cute! Though I'm trying to think of what I'd use them for, besides a birthday cake. They'd last a bit longer than a match, but they're too tiny to put in a candle holder.

  4. They would make a cute promo item, though. Just slap an Ava March sticker on the front and you're good to go.Speaking of promo items, wait until you see the cool magnets I had made up. My daughter wanted to take one to school for her locker, but since it has the half-naked guy from from my header on it, we decided that may not be a great idea.

  5. Chris says:

    LOL about your daughter and the magnet!!I lurv magnets. *bats eyelashes sweetly*

  6. Email me your snail mail and I will be more than happy to send you some. 🙂 I think they would look lovely on your fridge.

  7. Chris says:

    *squeeing and bouncing around all crazy*

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