Ashton & Justice – Re Release out now!


To celebrate, there’s a re release of Ashton & Justice! She’s so nice to us! 
(Note: I have no idea if this was intentional but lets just say it was *wink*)

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Justice reluctantly goes with his older brother to a fraternity kegger. Justice never did like that scene and the last thing he expected to find was someone who he was instantly attracted to. Better yet, Ashton, the other man, returns his feels.

Then Justice finds out that Ashton is the son of an infamous drug lord. The very same one that Justice’s father, a District Attorney has vowed to take down.

Can the two of them overcome their family’s battles? Or will hate overcome their love?


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5 Responses to Ashton & Justice – Re Release out now!

  1. Leenie says:

    Happy Birthday Stephani!!

  2. Kerry says:

    Happy birthday Stephani I hope all your wishes come true 🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈🎈

  3. Latrice says:

    I have loved the Lost Shifters and Wayne County Wolves series but I find that I’m missing 1 or more from the series. The website I usually purchase them from have discontinued the series where can I get the remaining books from to complete the series?

    • CJ (PA to Stephani Hecht) says:

      Hi Latrice,

      They are slowly being re-edited and then re released so you’ll be able to get them from ARe and Amazon once they’re re-released.


  4. StephanI Hecht says:

    Thank you, guys!

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