Notice to everyone who bought High Flow. During the last release date, the EIC of eXtasy had a death in her family and wasn’t there when all the books were finalized. As a result, they inadvertently uploaded a version of High Flow that had not gone through the final edits. They will be uploading the correct version today. If you would like a replacement copy email Jay Austin at eXtasy books If you send her a PayPal or other purchase confirmation, she will send you a replacement, but it must be a confirmation of purchase prior to today’s date.
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9 Responses to Attention!!!!

  1. Chris says:

    *pats Stephani sympathetically*

  2. Thanks, Chris. You should have heard my scream of, "Nooooooooo!!!!!!!" when I discovered what happened.

  3. Ava March says:

    Was that you screaming? I was wondering who that was. (hugs)

  4. Mirka says:

    Holy fudge! Uhm…Is there a major difference between the two versions?? Two more schmexin scenes or something important like that? lol…I deleted the receipt that sent me…*headdesk*

  5. Ava-LOL that was me! I even shook my fist and the rain-filled, lightening infused sky.

  6. Mirka-There isn't any added schmexin, but there are a few sentences here and there that I added to help with the flow of the story. Send me an email at

  7. Thanks, I needed that hug. *hugs back*

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