Birthday Bash and some serious stuff

Recently, I’ve seen more and more authors say that they are going to write “gay” because that genre sells the best. They see it as an easy way to make a buck and to finally make it to the top. While I always welcome new writers to this wonderful genre, it hurts me, and on certain levels insult me, when I see people say these kinds of things. I know that a lot of this doesn’t come from malice, but rather because most every-day people don’t realize the simple rights that are denied to LGBTQ individuals, so I thought I would list some of them. As a mother of a gay child, I’ve heard some stories that would make you want to cry and then go out to fight for change. To follow a term by the wonderful Ryan James Yezak—I want to know… • What it’s like to not have to worry when my son goes out at night. • To have not of heard about the child who was held down while their family tried to pray the gay away. • To not have to see all the homeless gay teens whose own family turned them away. • How to end the ban the Red Cross has on accepting blood from gay men. • Why in the State of Michigan it’s still perfectly legal to fire my son just because of sexuality. • The joy of somebody being able to go to my son’s wedding and have the government acknowledge its existence. • Why so many people hate my son, to the point where some would like to see him dead. • For people to know that there is a huge difference between a civil union and a marriage. How many you ask? 1138 • To have to never hear the words, fag, homo, deviant and sinner again. • To not have people treat LGBTQ people like they have a mental condition and that they can be “fixed”. • For my son to be able to have a rainbow bumper sticker on his car without having people get angry at him. • To know the joy of being able to hold my grandchild in my arms someday, because my son was able to adopt a baby. • For my son to be able to love somebody from another country and not have to worry about DOMA tearing them apart. • For all kids to be able to go to school without the fear of being bullied or beaten. • For there to be no more tears. • For there to be more love. • For there to be more understanding. • For the world to realize that we all are really just the same inside and out. • For the end of hate. Since I didn’t want to end this with a downer, I wanted to add a couple of things. First of all it’s my birthday and no, I won’t tell you how old I am. LOL Since I am taking part of Amber Kell’s birthday bash, I am giving away a free book. All you have to do is comment below about what you would like to see changed for a chance to win. Now enjoy this moving video. As always Ryan says it way better than I ever could.
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  1. Selina Durio says:

    IHappy Birthday! I would like to see a day when all my students can come to school without the fear of being bullied for any reason.

  2. Tara Lain says:

    Hi dear– Happy Birthday. I’d like to see the day when no one even looks at two men holding hands or kissing on the street or in an airport because it’s just a normal part of life. No need to enter me in the contest. I just wanted to chime in! I hope you’re day is grand and the rest of your year even better! : )

  3. David says:

    Hi there, my name is David and as a gay man, I believe I can say that I believe 100% in what you say about change!! I came out 21 years ago, so things were a little different the and althought things have changed, we have ways to go!! After facing death threats, firing from jobs, people talking behind my back, friends and family turning their backs on me and religious descrimination, my life has gotten better and improves every day, and that my dear is what your books provide for me, an escape!! What I would like to see change is and end to ALL LGBT descrimation, but I would really like to see is crimes against gay men and women treated for what they are, HATE, and punished accordingly!!

  4. Tammy Johnson says:

    I would like to not have to let my coworkers know how insulted I am by their homophobic comments. They should be just as insulted by those sentiments.

  5. Maude says:

    Happy Birthday! I would like to see a day where people are not discriminated against because of who they love. Love is never a bad thing.

  6. Kinneret Wahnich says:

    Happy Birthday… I saw Amber’s post first and thought I’ll wish you a Happy Birthday here… I have to say that the video brought tears to my eyes. I’m not gay and if I have a friend that is he/she haven’t told me…. I’d like to see the day we don’t have to learn in medical school to be sensitive o LGBTQ individuals it’ll be just part of the job’s routine.. nothing to think off just another question on the form that no one has to worry about answering truthfully….

  7. misty Christopher says:

    I would like my little cousin to be able to bring his partner to family functions to be able to have one fb page but in his early twenties to be so inspired to change things to come up with a non profit.

  8. Mary G says:

    I want it to not matter who you love & the domino affect = marriage, adoption, all legal rights & NO H8. We’re in Canada so it’s a bit better here. Watching the US election coverage best moment – my 23 YO son asking me why it’s anyone’s business who you love. My work is done!

  9. Mindi says:

    Happy Birthday, Stephani.

    I would like to be able to hold my partner’s hand in public without getting dirty looks.

  10. Mo says:

    Happy birthday!
    I want to see a world where 2 consenting adults who love each other do not face discrimination and have all the same rights I do.

  11. Mary G says:

    Oh & hope you have a great birthday!

  12. Cheryl says:

    Happy Birthday – Hope you have a wonderful Birthday.
    I would love to see the end of all LGBT descrimation, especially the road blocks for adoption. More kids need to be loved and cared for.

  13. Diane A says:

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday Stephanie!
    Thank you for the work you do and how wonderful your family are with support and activism! While I’m in Canada and things are better here for LGBTQ community than it is in the US, people travel and will still encounter prejudice and hate, which are completely learned behaviour, and I would like to see all parts of the world that consider themselves “free” to actually practice this for all people. Yes, I’d like a world that is fair and will continue to be a supporter and ally to all – and I know you will be inspiration to so many of us.
    Thank you 🙂

  14. jacqueline says:

    Happy Birthday 🙂 I think the freedom to love whomever you want to whitout being judged by the stupid people.

  15. Jim says:

    I was one of those teens, years ago, put out and shunned by my family. Scared, alone, having no one at such an early age was so traumatic. They came around, years later, but the damage had been done. I wish you a great birthday, and that there were more moms like you.

    • Mary G says:

      Jim, I haven’t been able to get your comment out of my mind all day. I’m so glad you made it, however bad, sad, hard it was. I’ll never be able to understand it. Thank you for sharing.

  16. ginprice says:

    Hi Steph!

    I’d like to see love win out over fundamentalism. I’d love to see religion as a choice, not a requirement. I’d like to see acceptance of differences in religion, sexual preferences, and race. I’d like to see haters who abuse the right to free speech by spreading hurt and pain, just to make a statement, get what such behavior deserves. But most of all, I’d like to see a future where different is normal, genius-not reality tv status-is celebrated, and innovation replaces old school politics.

    Have a great birthday, and thank you for pointing out the true picture behind the sensuality of story time.


  17. jessica canoto says:

    happy birthday stephani hope all your wishes come true well lets see i hope in the near future everyone has the same rights and bullies get punished for their hate crimes the schools need a system and also my biggest wish is for a cure for cancer for everyone battling this illness like my daughter to have a bigger chance to have a future

  18. Lillian says:

    I would like all people to be treated equally. Without thought. No labels. We are a person first and foremost. A fellow citizen of the planet earth. We should not be defined by the labels. Gay. Fat. Women. White. Athieist. Country of origin. etc. the list can go on and on.

  19. Laurie P says:

    Happy Birthday Stephani. I hope your wishes come true too. I would like to see the day when you don’t have to say I’m gay or straight or a purple people eater because it just won’t matter. While both of my children are straight I have always told them that it wouldn’t have mattered, that you love who you love. And as long as they treat you right that’s all it would take to make me happy.

  20. Katrina says:

    Happy Birthday Stephani!! I would like for everybody to be equal..they say we are but we are not even close! I have a gay friends one actually died of aids but I never treated him any differently he was still a man and my friend!!!

  21. Vicki says:

    Happy Birthday, Stephani! I love all your books. I think you’re a trememdous lady and mother.

    Although my daughter isn’t LGBTQ, she and I have been actively working toward equal rights for everyone. People are people are people.Our bodies are our own. Who we love and who loves us is our business. What religion we choose to practice, if any at all, is an individual choice that shouldn’t be pushed on anyone else or held against them. It still all falls to every individual is a person with the same rights as anyone else, no matter what. If we can accept this, it would go far in helping with world peace.

  22. Kerry says:

    Happy birthday I know many gay people some are treated far some are not I think every one should be treated as equal no mater who they love lol

  23. Crissy M says:

    I would like to see my cousin and his partner of nine years be able to marry in Arkansas. I would like to see their children safe from bullying. I would like to see DOMA repealed. I would like to see the gay men in my life happy and free to love and be who they are without any fear.

  24. nanee says:

    Love your story above! Very touching.

  25. Tess says:

    Happy Birthday Stephani!

    I would liek to see the whole world treat people equally and kindly!

  26. ErinSC says:

    Happy Birthday Stephani!

    I would like everyone in the world to think like my mom…we were driving back from my sister’s house today where we had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend with her family(my sister is gay and her marriage will legally be recognized on Dec. 7th…go Maine!) and my cousin, who is also gay. My mom was so mad at her family members who do not accept my cousin. She wanted to call up and yell at her 80 yr old aunt – my cousin’s grandma. She said that being gay is not a choice, and so loving and supporting family members who are gay is not a choice either. They are people, gay or straight does not matter! So proud and lucky she is my mom!

  27. Clover says:

    Happy Birthday Stephani!

    I would like every country to legalize gay marriage as it is here in Canada. The legalization of gay marriage hasn’t fixed all the equal right issues for the LGBTQ community but it has been a step in the right direction. As a straight Canadian, I would like all those in the US who oppose gay marriage to see how it has benefited our country. Now there is a bit less of a divide between people and many that opposed it prior to legalization have since excepted it and moved on to other concerns.

  28. chickie434 says:

    Happy birthday Steph! I would like to see a world where being different isn’t seen as being wrong or abnormal, just beautifully different. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video.

  29. cathyleehart says:

    I would like everyone to be treated the same! not by there sexual or religious preference or the color of there skin. I would also like for people to read the whole bible and not just the part they wont to use to hurt other people.!!!

  30. Tawny says:

    I would like PDA’s to be accepted and thought normal, no matter what the sex of the persons involved.

  31. Chris Roberts says:

    I would like to see people accepted or not on who they are not what they are labeled.

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  32. dlabbe says:

    Happy Birthday. I love your list and I am so happy your son has you. None of my children are gay, but they all knew if they were they would still be loved for who they were. I wish all parents could be like that. I live in a state that finally let the voters speak and we finally won the right for everyone to marry. Hopefully, things will change for the better throughout the country. Give your son an extra hug tonight.

  33. sandra says:

    i would like to see a world where people are treated equally no matter what,

    i am straight but have had people telling me i am wrong as i have children but my husband and i didn’t legally marry these same people would be the ones saying it is wrong for same sex marriages

  34. Diane S. says:

    Happy B-Day to both of you. I would like to not have to introduce someone as a ‘Friend’ instead of my SO. Take Care.

  35. jennifer bosley says:

    for adults to teach their children it is okay to be different and to accept the ones that are.

  36. nikid says:

    I would like to see the government back off what the religious people think is acceptable. As long as it doesnt hurt anyone they ( the church and the government) have no right to say who you can love. for all the straight people who oppose LGBTQ relationships, how would you like it if the governement and church told you who you could marry and who you could love, I’m not talking you cant marry in my church, or they have to be the same religion. I am talking they tell you like in an arranged marraige. that is what they are basically doing now by denying the right to chose your own mate regardless of what sex they are. we would be a stronger country if the seperation of state and church was upheld and they minded there own buisness.

  37. Sandra says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Lately I have been reading more M/M books than M/F, not because it is two guy but because the stories are more moving to me. For the really good ones, I don’t even notice that it is two guys as the main characters.

    For me, I would like to see everyone have the right to get married. Who cares if you believe that God doesn’t approve of same sex couples getting married. That shouldn’t be used as something that denies rights to everyone. Marriage should be available for any consenting adults that love each other. If God doesn’t approve, He will let them know in His own way.

  38. Happy belated Birthday! My daughter’s birthday is the 27th! I hope you had a truly wonderful celebration with your family and made fabulous memories!

    I know it sounds simplistic….but really I just want everyone to have the right to be happy as long as they are not hurting anyone. I mean really….isn’t that what every parent *should* want for their children? And if everyone put their energy and resources into making changes on any level…well we’d live in a different society. That is my wish and hope for someday.

    Meanwhile…I love reading stories with great characters and a storyline and of course hotness….but the storyline and character development is what makes a story truly special and meaningful. The characters come to life and I feel like I know them! Your stories are great examples of this! Can’t get enough of the Lost Shifters! 😉

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