Blog Hopping and Cover Loving

A lot has been happening the past couple days. First, I stopped by the lovely Ava March’s blog to talk a bit about my first M/M book, Mad Blood. If you have the time, stop by and check it out. Then, eXtasy sent me the cover art for my first book in my new M/M hockey series! I’m really excited about this one, since I have a great love for hockey and the hunky men who play it. 

One final note, I want everyone to be thinking about me tonight. I have to attend my daughter’s holiday concert. That means a couple of hours trapped inside a crowded school auditorium, just so I can watch my daughter for less than five minutes. Oh, the joys of parenthood! I will be sneaking my Nook in with me. Who knows, maybe I can whittle down my huge “to read” pile.

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8 Responses to Blog Hopping and Cover Loving

  1. Chris says:

    Nice cover!! Hey, wasn't that guy in front on one of your EMS Heat books? Now they're cheating on you with… you?! O.oMy sympathies tonight! I have a holiday dance recital to go to in a week or so…

  2. *sigh* My trampy guys always fool around on me. I'm thinking of leashing them all, just to keep them in place.I feel for you on the dance recital. I've sat through plenty of those and they are never fun.

  3. Chris says:

    This is such a twist on their usual trampiness!

  4. There is no level they won't sink to in their cheating ways.

  5. Even so, it's a beautiful cover. Congrats! If the story is anything like the one you wrote for Kris's challenge, it'll be fabulous.

  6. Awh, thanks Wren! That's so sweet of you.

  7. Ava March says:

    I hope the concert went well tonight. And I don't blame you at all for sneakin in the Nook. Tramp or not, you're cover guy looks quite nice with that big stick 😉

  8. Thanks, Ava. He does a very big….stick,doesn't he? The Nook worked great at the concert. I was even able to read it when they dimmed the lights.

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