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    BRAND NEW! Baily’s Ninth Life (Lost Shifters #34) Just Released!

    Baily learned to distrust other shifters through their treatment of him. As a Housecat shifter, he’s not exactly the strongest shifter. To compensate, he’s become one of best soldiers for the Coalition. He’s made a place for himself with friends but he doesn’t truly believe they won’t turn on him. Caden learned to distrust other shifters from birth. His grandfather taught him and his brother to avoid all Packs, Clowders, and Coalitions no matter what. All those lessons will be challenged when a stray cat claims a spot in his bar and maybe his heart. Together, Baily and Caden, must re-learn the lessons of their lives. That not all shifters…

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    A Little Help From My Friends

    I won’t lie; the past twelve months have been hard on me, mental health wise. I’m not shy about sharing that I suffering from a variety of things. I have bipolar one, PTSD, anxiety disorder, and bulimia. One may ask why I’m so open with this. It wasn’t so long ago that someone like me would be a dirty family secret, who would locked away somewhere and never talked about again. But, times are changing, and one of the biggest things we can do to keep that movement going is to remove the stigma that is attached to mental health. What I have is a chemical imbalance in my brain.…

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    Ice’s Fire Just Re-Released!

    Forgiveness is the final form of love.–Reinhold Niebuhr Years ago, Ice’s heart was broken when his mate, Dragon, abruptly left him. After that, Ice hardened his heart and vowed never to love again. He is shocked when he is on assignment and finds himself saving Dragon from an attack. Dragon’s soul was devastated when he was forced to leave Ice. While, Dragon thought at the time that he was doing it in order to protect Ice and his twin, Brute, the demon now realizes what a huge mistake he made. Can he find a way to make Ice forgive him? Or will they forever be alone?   Ice’s Fire (Little…

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    Just Released! Rexly The Randy Reindeer!

    Rexly has been a very naughty reindeer. He drinks like a fish, smokes like a Dogg and sleeps around with just about the entire North Pole, and he loves to play pranks. Not only that, but he can’t shift into his full reindeer from. Only his ears and tail come out, leaving him looking a fool and feeling miserable. He isn’t totally surprised when the message comes from Santa himself that Rexly has been reassigned to the Island of Misfit Toys. So, with a heavy heart, he leaves the only home he’s ever known. Leo the King of the Island of Misfit Toys is a shifter himself. Like Rexly, though,…

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    The Great Unicorn Hunt Begins Just Re-Released!

    Charlie is a happy Unicorn. He has a place to live, all the sugar he could ask for, friends, and he’s safe. Or, at least he was until some vampire put a billion-dollar bounty on his head. Not wanting to put his friends in danger, Charlie leaves and makes a run for it on his own. Ever since William had been cursed with immortality, he knew that he’d never be able to find someone to love. But, one look at Charlie challenges that thought and sends William’s life spinning. Will William be able to rescue Charlie? Or was their love doomed from the very beginning? The Great Unicorn Hunt Begins…

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    The Hunt Begins Just Re-Released!

    Sometimes the best things come in little packages. A Spring-Heeled Jack. Big Foot. Unicorn. Abominable Snowman. Brownie. All things that are not really true. Things that are made up by mad men or those who have spent way too much time in the woods alone. Right…or maybe not. Meet Bronson, one of the last known Spring-Heeled Jacks in existence. He’s been living in relative peace for the past few decades with a Unicorn and a set of twins, one a Big Foot, the other an Abominable. Sure, their digs may not be the best, an abandoned insane asylum, but one has to see the irony in it. Then, one day,…

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    Left in the Darkness Just Re-Released!

    Whoever said that things need to get worse before they could get better, probably had no idea just how bad “worse” really is. While mostly physically healed from a gay bashing that almost left him dead, Taylor is still an emotional mess. Not only does he have to deal with the fact that his own brother was one of the attackers, but Taylor has been disowned by his father as well. The only bright spot in Taylor’s life is his small group of friends, but even they have their own issues. Christian is now angry all the time. James has to deal with his own homophobic father. Devlin is wondering…

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    Light Outside the Closet Just Re-Released!

    Sometimes the dark feels safer than the light. Being a gay teen is hard enough, but when Christian’s strict father is transferred to a different city and Christian has to go to a new school, he discovers how much worse things can get. Fortunately, before he sinks into depression, Christian finds a new group of friends, who are also gay. Christian soon learns that his friends have their own problems, from desperately seeking attention to abusive family members. This is the first book in an exciting series that follows the high and lows of Christian and his friends through their senior year as they seek acceptance and love while dealing…

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    GRL and Some Other Updates

    GRL 2018 in Portsmouth, Virginia (Oct. 18-21, 2018) Sorry for being AWOL lately. I had to go back into day treatment for my bi-polar, anxiety, and PTSD disorder and I ended up being there for three weeks. Between that and the med changes I was pretty much a mess. But, no worries. I’m back and better than ever now. Or rather I will be once I get used to the new meds. Right now I’m riding the Lithium train so if anyone sees me at GRL and I mix my words up a bit you have total permission to laugh at me. Speaking of GRL. I will be there with…