Stephani’s books are sorted here on the website based on whether it’s currently available for purchase (the ones on this page), whether it’s Coming Soon, or if it’s a Work In Progress.

These are the currently published, available for sale, books.


Aim High

An Unconventional Chicago

Unconventional At Best

Unconventional in Kansas City

Unconventional in Atlanta


Ashton and Justice (I’m Just Being Me 1)

Do You See Me Now?

Double Shot Cappuccino


I’ll Run Away For the Holidays

Lonely Hearts and Yellow Ribbons

One Bratty Omega

The Paramedic Who Hated Jazz

Passion Under Fire

Rexly The Randy Reindeer

Salting Zombies

Sins of an Angel

Slippery When Wet

Stallions and Ice

Storming Love: Mike and Bradley

The Virgin Incubus


Assassin’s Loyalty

Hid in the Shadows

Max Has a Sweet Tooth

Luke’s Crusade

Tomin’s Revenge

The Dragon Wasteland

Pagan’s Plight

Blue Line Hockey

Offside Pass

Between the Pipes

Cup Check

Blind Pass

Change on the Fly

Playing the Point

Cherry Picker

The Prodigal Brother

Cross Checking

Holiday Blues

Coalition Training Academy

Jax’s Rebellion

Blood Doesn’t Decide

Holiday With An Assassin

What the Fox?

The Cob Brothers

Ash Swan

The Swimming Swan

The Helpful Swan


Crimson on the Dance Floor

Crimson and Diamonds

Crimson and Glitter

Detroit City Warlocks

Warlock Unchained

Warlock Unbound

Warlock Found

Dire Pack Reborn

The Dire Wolf Who Stole My Heart

Deck the Dire Wolves

Merry Krumpus

Darien’s Omega

Flip’s Karma

Dragon’s Soul

Dragon’s Eye

Dragon’s Heart

Dragon’s Breath

The Drone Vampire Chronicles

Mad Blood

In Passion and Blood

EMS Heat

Running Hot

Man Down

Lights and Sirens

Priority One

Code Blue

Red Lights and Silver Bells

High Flow

Three Alarm Fire

Shades of the Past

In His Hero’s Shadow

Life Over Limb


Status Dramaticus

Tagged & Bagged


Circling the Drain


City of Fire

Flint’s Fury

Can You Spare Me a Drink?

Fangs, Fur, and Fae Detective Agency

The Virgin Incubus

Flushing Owl

An Owl Surfaces

Taming an Owl

Lost Shifters Series

Primal Passions

A Feral Christmas

Savage Awakenings

Carnal Intentions

A Wicked Caress

Ruthless Pursuit

A Tempting Distraction

A Shifter Christmas

An Assassin’s Touch

Shane’s Fury

Riley’s Regret

Ranger’s Folly

Hey, There’s Fur in my Wedding Cake

Chance’s Vindication

Russell’s Reversal

Fangs, Fur and Snowballs

Gage’s Awakening

A Very Shaney Valentine’s Day

Colby and the Little Wolf

North’s Complication

When Tatum Got Bit By A Spider

Shane’s Inner Anger

A Christmas for Ava

Ackley’s Savior

Doc Featherstone’s Return

Kallen’s Atonement

Skye’s Limits

The Trials of Gregg

Assassin Found

Kit’s Return

The Defeat of Lawson

Kiplin’s Coming Out

Cry for Me, My Little Raven

Baily’s Ninth Life

The Omega Wars

Claws Mates Fangs

Shane’s Chronicles

Shane’s Promise

Shane’s Assassin Disaster

Underground Fortitude

Opposites Assent

Wayne County Wolves

Ervin’s Dilemma

Run, Alger, Run

The Odds Maker

Braxton’s Salvation

Justice’s Little Annoyance

The Angry Dove and the Assassin

The Leopard who Changed his Spots

The Omega and the Assassin

In Plain Sight

Wayne County Holidays

Might’s Karma

Touching Tate

Somebody’s Been a Bad Little Wolf

Alec’s Moon