The Dragon Wasteland

The Dragon Wasteland (Assassin’s Loyalty #5)
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For months Brenner has harbored a crush for Dragon shifter Derik. But, they couldn’t be more different. Brenner is a bubbly, medic with the Coalition, while Derik is a brooding, Assassin with the Loyalty. Yet, the heart wants what it wants and Brenner is determined to win his man.

Derik doesn’t understand why the Mountain Lion shifter can’t just realized they are never going to be a couple. He tries everything in his power to push Brenner away, but the pesky feline refuses to be deterred.

Then a dangerous mission brings them together and Derik is forced to spend time with Brenner. As they find themselves getting close, events unfold that could be the end of them and the shifter community. Will Brenner and Derik be able to prevail and find their happy ending? Or will Brenner die a single man?


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