EMS Heat

The city of Flint has never been more dangerous for those in the EMS field. Crime is up, while resources are lower than ever. That still doesn’t stop the brave paramedics, doctors, nurses, firemen and officers from giving their all every day to help those in need. Come along for the ride and meet the brave souls as they fight to make a change and find love along the way.

EMS Heat is now a Kindle Unlimited Series



EMS Heat Volume One
Running Hot
Man Down
Lights and Sirens
Priority One
Code Blue
Red Lights and Silver Bells
High Flow
Three Alarm Fire
Shades of the Past
In His Hero’s Shadow
Life Over Limb
Status Dramaticus
Tagged and Bagged
Circling the Drain
City of Fire
Flint’s Fury
Can You Spare Me A Drink?