Running Hot

Running Hot (EMS Heat 1)
This book is now part of EMS Heat Volume One



A thrill of excitement always went through paramedic James Willson whenever he transported a patient to St. Michael’s hospital, but it had nothing to do with the rush of the job. It was one of the emergency department doctors that set his heart racing—the very sexy, very aloof Calvin Dane. For months now, James has admired Calvin from afar, but has never dared act on his feelings since the doctor didn’t seem to return his interest.

Then one intimate encounter in the back of his ambulance forever changes things between the two men. But does the doctor truly care for James or is he just looking for a brief hookup? And can James’s heart survive the hurt if Calvin forever turns his back on what could have been?

This book has been previously released through another publisher. It has been re-edited; no additional content has been added.