Three Alarm Fire

Three Alarm Fire (EMS Heat 8)


If there is one thing Dustin is good at, it’s putting up a false front. While his friends and coworkers think he’s easy going, happy and flirtatious, inside, he’s really scarred, sad and self-conscious. After being in a destructive relationship that left him hurt in more ways than one, Dustin never really recovered and is determined to never trust anyone again. So he resolves to lose himself in his job as a paramedic while he continues to hide his true self.

Pontiac City Firefighter, Vaughn finds himself immediately attracted to Dustin the moment he spots the paramedic at the annual EMS Neighborhood Beautification event. Dustin is everything Vaughn likes in a man, cute, smart and sexy. Every time he tries to get close, however, Dustin pushes him away. Undaunted, Vaughn decides that Dustin is just playing hard to get and vows that he’ll get the other man in his bed if it’s the last thing he does.

When Vaughn learns the secret pain Dustin has been hiding, he realizes that everything may not be as it seems with the other man. Will Vaughn be able to convince Dustin to give love another chance or will the paramedic forever be lost to the horrors of his past?