*Reading Order ~ The Lost Shifters

Reading order for The Lost Shifters, Wayne County Wolves, Assassins Loyalty, Shane’s Chronicles and Coalition Training Academy.

LS – Primal Passions
LS – A Feral Christmas
LS – Savage Awakenings
LS – Carnal Intentions
LS – A Wicked Caress
LS – Ruthless Pursuit
LS – A Tempting Distraction
LS – A Shifter Christmas
LS – An Assassin’s Touch
LS – Shane’s Fury
LS – Riley’s Regret
LS – Ranger’s Folly
LS – Hey, There’s Fur in my Wedding Cake
LS – Chance’s Vindication
LS – Russell’s Reversal
LS – Fangs, Fur and Snowballs
LS – Gage’s Awakening
LS – A Very Shaney Valentine’s Day
LS – Colby and the Little Wolf
WCW – Ervin’s Dilemma
LS – North’s Complication
WCW – Run, Alger, Run
LS – When Tatum got bit by a Spider
LS – Shane’s Inner Anger
WCW – The Odds Maker
LS – A Christmas for Ava
WCW – Braxton’s Salvation
LS – Ackley’s Savior
WCW – Justice’s Little Annoyance
LS – Doc Featherstone’s Return
WCW – The Angry Dove and the Assassin
LS – Kallen’s Atonement
WCW – The Leopard who Changed his Spots
LS – Skye’s Limits
WCW – The Omega and the Assassin
LS – The Trials of Gregg
WCW – In Plain Sight
LS – Assassin Found
WCW – Wayne County Holidays
LS – Kit’s Return
WCW – Might’s Karma
WCW – Touching Tate
LS – The Defeat of Lawson
WCW – Somebody’s Been a Bad Little Wolf
LS – Kiplin’s Coming Out
WCW – Alec’s Moon
LS – Cry For Me My Little Raven
WCW – The Wolf Whisperer
AL – Hid in the Shadows
SC – Shane’s Promise
AL – Max Has a Sweet Tooth
CTA – Jax’s Rebellion
AL – Luke’s Crusade 
CTA – Blood Doesn’t Decide
AL – Tomin’s Revenge
CTA – Holiday with an Assassin