Salem’s Seduction

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Gabrielle, the younger sister of Athena, is sick of always living in her sister’s shadow. Born from a human mother, Gabrielle not only has sporadic powers, but she always seems to make a mess of things. Dismayed that she hasn’t ended up in the history and storybooks like big sis, Gabrielle sets out to make herself known. She travels to different places in time, trying to set up couples and make them find their HEA. Whether they want it or not. Of course, things never go the way she plans. Off on her adventures, Gabrielle drags her lovers along. Adam, son of the goddess Nyx, and Mnemosyne’s son, Carter. How bad can it get, you ask? Well, the Chicago Fire wasn’t started by a cow. You have three guesses, but the first two don’t count as her two companions are innocent.