The Lost Shifters

Lost Shifters

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76 comments on “The Lost Shifters

  1. marbalala says:

    I just wanna say a big MAHALO for your hard work, especially “The Lost Shifters” series!!! I abso-freakin’-lutely LOVE the series…makes me laugh my a$$ off & cry my heart out!! Whenever a new series comes out, I always go back to where it all began: Primal Passions!! Looking forward to the next one, The Lost Shifters #25: Kallen’s Atonement!!

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoy them so much. *hugs*

    • Clau says:

      I know about the blood test and the type of shifter but I get many doubts for it would be great to write a book about it Example :
      Whence came the brother shane?
      . Why not get along? their relationship

    • Clau says:

      clarify that I am super fan of his series thus adore your work

  3. Rica says:

    I love Shane, hope you have more books with him

  4. Frank Schutt says:

    Have to say that I do love the “Lost Shifter” series. Couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve read them!!!

    Now for my problem. I’m attempting to number the books on my nook so they come up in order. I’m having trouble with the order after the 19, “Russell’s …”.

    After that I get confused between your order here on the site through #19 and the order of titles shown at ARe and Extasy.

    Oh, and where does “Fur, Gangs, and Snowball” fit in to all of this?

    Indianapolis, IN

    • Frank – I do not know if you got an answer, but I may be able to help. I rename all downloads, especially if they are in a series like The Lost Shifters. I automatically put them in order right after downloading, so I was able to notice Extasy mis-labeling the order numbers. This is what I have:
      LS1Primal Passions
      LS2 A Feral Christmas
      LS3 Savage Awakenings
      LS4 Carnal Intentions
      LS5 A Wicked Caress
      LS6 Ruthless Pursuit
      LS7 A Tempting Distraction
      LS8 A Shifter Christmas
      LS9 An Assassin’s Touch
      LS10 Shane’s Fury
      LS11 Riley’s Regret
      LS12 Ranger’s Folly
      LS13 Chance’s Vindication
      LS14 Russell’s Reversal
      LS15 Fangs Furs And Snowballs
      LS16 Gage’s Awakening
      LS17 Colby And The Little Wolf
      LS17,5 A Very Shaney Valentine’s Day (This one may have caused some of the probs)
      LS18 North’s Complication
      LS19 When Tatum Got Bit By A Spider
      LS20 Ackley’s Savior
      LS21 Shane’s Inner Anger
      LS22 A Christmas For Ava
      LS23 Doc Featherstone’s Return
      LS24 Kallen’s Atonement
      LS25 Skye’s Limits
      LS26 The Trials of Gregg
      LS27 Assassin Found

      • J Bisset says:

        There’s also Fur In My Wedding Cake which I think is numbered as 12.5 -crazy and confusing. I have seen in Good Reads that the order has also added 28 Kit’s Return and 30 The Defeat of Lawson, but I can’t find 29 – any clues anyone?? Love the Lost Shifters, Wayne County Wolves, Flushing Owls and looking forward to reading Little Monsters. Keep those books coming, please!

  5. Debbie Hayward says:

    Primal Desires, Feral Christmas, Savage Awakenings, Carnal Intentions, A Wicked Caress, Ruthless Pursuit, A Tempting Distraction, A Shifter Christmas, An Assassins Touch, Shane’s Fury, Riley’s Regret, Rangers Folly, Chances Vindication, Russell’s Reversal (Fur In My Cake is repeated at the beginning of this book), Fangs, Fur and Snowballs, Gages Awakening, Colby and the Little Wolf, A Shaney Valentine, North’s Complication, Tatum Got Bit By A Spider, Shanes Inner Anger, A Christmas For Ava, Ackley’s Savior, Doc Featherstone’s Return, Kallen’s Atonement, Skye’s Limits.

  6. Debbie Hayward says:

    Sorry previous posting was to answer Frank’s query.

  7. vero says:

    hi , i love the books you write, i love shane, hope more books, im read the books more of two times,

  8. Nicole Harvey says:

    Is there to be more Lost Shifter bks in the future? I just read them all back to back an feel madly in love an so need more lol. I just can’t get enough. I am now on the Wayne County Wolves series.

  9. Shyee says:

    I’m with everyone else who loves The Lost Shifters series. Hell, I love all of your works if my e-book collection is anything to go by. But I have one big question from what you did a few years ago with The Chronicles of Shane, will you finish it for us in a short story? I’d love to read the whole story of it. I always love when Shane is in your stories but now he’s tied in favourites with Toby from Wayne County Wolves. I love crazy leopards.

  10. Janet Rutkowski says:

    i have a request Ms. Stephani…have them be versatile! PLEASE!!!

  11. Michelle says:

    I really love lost shifters and wayne county wolves but I’ve noticed something that upsets me. When you move the books to other sites, you don’t move them to ARe as well. For instance the trials of gregg is now on amazon and smashwords but not ARe. I only shop for ebooks on ARe. So why does it take so long to move them there? Best of luck on your future sucess. :)

  12. Albert says:

    Dear Stephani Hecht:

    i really love this series, the Lost Shifters series, from the first book to the 26th book, i couldn’t stop reading for once, you know how to capture people. the love story behind the action pack story is so good that once you start reading a book, can’t get out of it. How do you do this??????!!!!
    could you please write more books on this series???!!!
    could you include shifters like a snow leopard or white tiger?
    could you write another story for logan and jaycn or noah and seth or brent and daniel?

  13. gg says:

    As a person just getting ready to start this series it would be very helpful to have the reading order included in the title. Where can I get this info?

  14. Cam says:

    When does the Wayne county wolves books enter the lost shifters series?

  15. Courtney Archuleta says:

    On your coming soon page it says the defeat of lawson should have came out yesterday, but I can’t find it to purchase it.

  16. elizabeth sluder says:

    I love how stephani writes her characters. The seem so alive to me. You interlace whimsy with seriuos like when keegan andrew and noel go shopping there isso much depth in what is unsaid and done thatconveys that relationship so well. I had started on the drone series and somehow drifted in the lost shifters. My favorite characters are keegan and bronson . Thank you for writing such wonderful imaganitive book

  17. Lisa says:

    Does anyone know why the defeat of Lawson has not come out yet?

  18. Courtney Archuleta says:

    She said it got pushed back to the 15th due to a surgery I believe.

  19. Carley says:

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  20. Caligirl says:

    is The Defeat of Lawson book number 30 or 31? according the position it is 31 but on the cover it is 30…

  21. Caligirl says:

    VJC…a few of the Authors have a reading order page…i wish that had done that when they got into the 10th book or so lol!! UGH!

  22. Fina Lau says:

    I’m wondering if baby Daralis will ever make another appearance. Would love to know how she’s doing :D

  23. Donna says:

    When did Lawson’s mate take the name Kyle? I thought his name was Marty. I read their book a couple of times but didn’t see a name change until Kiplins book.

  24. Christina Enness says:

    whos kyle, lawsons mates name is Marty. and hes not a wallflower, not only that but i didnt even know about the book until i looked at goodreads because its not advertised on the authors website, please tell me there will be another book in this series, i love your writing but it feels as if this one book undid all your hard work.

  25. Shelly says:

    I love so much this serie. The Lost Shifters Series is my favorite, i mean, the story is awesome. I like Daniel and Brent <3 i have a question about this guys, if Daniel is the alpha of Hawks, he needs appoint a new alpha (no now, in another moment) Who is that new alpha? I mean, Colin can be the alpha or Daniel need a son for that? (Adopt like Shane y Trevor with Ava or… is he the alpha always?) I hope you answer me, the curiosity is killing me.

    -I love you and i love your books, you're a cool writer who i want meet in person. You're first in my reader heart <3 (sorry Darren Shan, but nor Larten can't be awesome like Brent)

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