A Shifter Christmas

The Lost Shifters 8

2nd Edition

Finally reunited, Noah and his siblings are celebrating their first holidays together in two decades. Not only that, but it will be his first Christmas with the love of his life, Seth. In other words, Noah has just about everything a Jaguar shifter could need. In fact, he’s so happy that it almost doesn’t matter that his sister is fighting with her Wolf shifter boyfriend, two of his brothers are at odds because one shot the other and their city has been hit with one of the worst blizzards in Michigan history.

Everything changes though, when something from the past comes back and threatens to ruin the holidays, forcing Noah and his siblings to realize some issues aren’t behind them like they’d all hoped. Then when one of his brothers, Andrew, pulls a vanishing act, they all have to act together or risk losing him forever. Will Noah be able to get over his problems in time to save Andrew, or will this Christmas be the last one either of them ever live to see?

“Okay, if you say so.” Trevor handed him a knife. “If you’re going to stay, make yourself useful and cut those veggies for the salad.”

Shane stared down at the knife. Nobody had ever willingly handed him a weapon, too afraid the loony, psycho would use it on them. Yet Trevor gave it to him without even a second thought.

Damn if that didn’t make Shane even harder. He glanced up from under his lashes, enjoying the smooth, sensual way Trevor moved around the kitchen. Crap, the guy was sexy and he wasn’t even trying.

Shane chopped up the vegetables, all the time his gaze tracking Trevor’s every move. Fuuuuuck, no wonder they always said Panthers were the best lays. All he had to do was watch the way Trevor’s lips moved when he tasted things, how tight his ass looked when he bent over or how skilled his finger appeared while working and Shane grew hungry for something other than food.

When Trevor darted into the pantry, Shane didn’t hesitate one breath. He sat down the knife and followed.

Trevor stood on tiptoe to look for something on one of the top shelves. He turned his head and gave Shane a sly grin. “Hey.”

Shane paused, once more surprised by the brat’s reaction. Most people cowered whenever they found themselves in an enclosed space with him, yet Trevor acted like it was nothing. “You’re not worried about being in a small room with the crazy Leopard?”

“No, in fact I was hoping you’d follow me in here.” Trevor turned away from the shelf so they were fully facing each other.

There was no mistaking the large bulge pressing against Trevor’s uniform pants. The Panther didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed by it, instead letting out a low moan as he ran a hand over it.

Shane blinked, realizing he’d lost complete control of the situation. Another first for him. He’d never had anyone so blatantly proposition him this way before. He’d heard that Trevor liked to play around, but not many were willing to take on someone like Shane. For the first time in forever, Shane felt a genuine smile come over his lips.

“You do realize that I’m going to fuck you,” he said, wondering if that blunt statement would shock Trevor into acting more like the others.

Trevor bounced a little on the balls of his feet before he shoved his hand down the front of Shane’s pants. His fingers immediately found Shane’s cock. Fisting it, Trevor gave him a squeeze before saying, “I’ve always wondered what your cock would look like.”

“Funny, I don’t recall us ever talking before now.” Shane groaned; damn, Trevor’s fingers were talented. Just as he suspected.

“Let’s just say I’ve been watching you from afar.”

“Well, if you’re that interested in my dick, then why don’t you get a closer look?”