Cry For Me My Little Raven

Cry for Me, My Little Raven (The Lost Shifters 33)
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(previously Book 32, titled Cry For Me Little Raven)


Stephani nearly doubled the book!

In an ever-changing world, could two enemies dare fall in love?

Kidd, who just found out he was a Raven shifter, is barely making ends meet. With a group of like-minded Ravens, they have to find enough food to eat and survive in this whole new scary world that they’ve found themselves thrust into. Try as hard as Kidd can, he is at the bottom of his roads and he has nobody to turn to.

Clarkston just moved to the feline coalition months before. When he and his group of soldiers stumble upon a group of friendly, young Ravens, they have no choice but to take them back to HQ. The fact that Clarkston feels immediately attracted to Kidd has nothing to do with the situation…honest.

Will these two be able to overcome hate and be together or will they be torn apart, left to love each other from afar.

This book has been previously published; it has been re-edited for release.