The Defeat of Lawson

The Lost Shifters 30
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Sometimes you can’t get away from who you are. No matter how hard you run.

Ever since Marty had his first shift and nobody saw it, he’s kept his big, fat, Cougar secret to himself. After all, he has a great life. He has loving parents, he’s in his senior year of college, and he has a bright future in front of him. That all changes one night when he is attacked by a group of Ravens.

When Lawson sees the tall man being confronted by the Ravens, he knows he has to go help the guy. Once the fight is over, Lawson is shocked to find out that Marty is a Lost Shifter. Against Marty’s will, Lawson takes the Cougar back to the coalition for his own safety. But Marty vows he’ll escape at the first opportunity.

Will Lawson be able to convince Marty that it’s safer to stay with the coalition? If so, what will they do about their growing attraction to one another?