Claws Mates Fangs

Claws Mates Fangs (The Omega Wars Book 1)
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Omega, the name has always been associated to the weakest in the pack, the lesser than, the ones who were the least desired. But, what if all that isn’t true? Enter the world of the Omega Wars, where Omegas not only save the day, but can one day rule the world.

For the past two years, Coyote shifter Elijah’s life has been hell. His father, the pack Alpha is embarrassed by his son’s status as an Omega and locks him in his room. The ruler says he doesn’t want his Omega son, who is also gay, to infect the rest of the pack members. Elijah learns to accept his fate and to live the rest of his life in isolation. Until, the local Bear Clan makes a treaty with the Coyotes in order to fight a common enemy. There is just one catch, the Clan’s leader, Kayden is to be mated with Elijah.

Kayden knows finding an Omega will help solidify his Clan. As a new Alpha, Kayden sometimes flounders and needs the extra help. What Kayden doesn’t expect is to find himself drawn to the timid, standoffish Omega. Yet, as hard as Kayden tries, he can’t crack through Elijah’s shields. Time is running out, though, as Elijah struggles to grasp that he may hold a great power that can change the tide of the war and their happiness.

Will Elijah learn to trust and open his heart to Kayden? And will Elijah be able to accept what power a true Omega has? Or will they fall to the enemy and be lost forever?