Wayne County Wolves

First there were the Lost Shifters and now welcome to the world of the Wayne County Wolves. As the new Alpha of the pack Chris is struggling to rebuild after all the damage his father left behind. At the same time he is having to face new dangers from enemies on the outside. But, he isn’t alone in his battles. He has the love of his mate and the support of his Pack at his back. But, will it be enough to survive in the dark paranormal world full of danger?


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Ervin’s Dilemma
Run, Alger! Run
The Odd’s Maker
Braxton’s Salvation
Justice’s Little Nibbler
The Angry Dove and the Assassin
The Leopard Who Changed his Spots
The Omega and the Assassin
In Plain Sight
Wayne County Holidays
Might’s Karma
Touching Tate
Somebody’s Been a Bad Little Wolf
Alec’s Moon
The Wolf Whisperer