Justice’s Little Annoyance (Wayne County Wolves #4)

Justice’s Little Annoyance (Wayne County Wolves 4)
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Tyson—the Wolf had been nothing but an annoyance to Justice since he’d sought refuge with the Wolf Pack. Sure, the kid may be cute enough, but he’s more hyper than a kid jacked up on candy, and he never knew when to shut up. So, why is it that Justice felt an attraction to the hyper Wolf with a motor mouth? What’s more, why was he so protective of him?

Ever since the Justice came to the Pack, Tyson had a mad crush on Justice. There was just something about the quiet Tiger shifter that called to Tyson and made him want to claim the man as his own, so Tyson was sad and disappointed when Justice seemed to always be so annoyed with him.

Then another Pack moved in and tried to take the Wayne County Pack’s territory, and everybody was going to have to work together to survive. Will Justice be able to protect Tyson? Or will Tyson’s eagerness to please get him into trouble?

***This story was previously released under the title JUSTICE’S LITTLE NIBBLER***

This book has been previously published; it has been re-edited for release.