Run, Alger, Run

Run, Alger, Run (Wayne County Wolves 2)
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They say survival of the fittest applies to the animal world. That saying couldn’t be truer in the shifter world. After centuries of war and infighting, most of the weaker species have been murdered to the point of extinction. So when Wolf shifter Nico stumbles across a Rabbit shifter, he is both shocked and intrigued. That is, until the Rabbit manages to escape and disappear. Then Nico finds himself angry when his skills as a soldier are called into question.

The only reason why Alger has survived so long is because of his ability to hide away from all things shifter and to blend in the human population. He ruins all that when, in a moment of weakness, he exposes himself to a Wolf of all things.

Even though Alger knows he should run as far away as he can, he finds himself drawn to Nico. Which is the worst mistake Alger can make. Not only does he have himself to protect, but also his small group of shifters, who—like Alger—are the last of their kind.

When Alger finds himself hunted by the dreaded Snake shifters, he knows his only hope is Nico. But can the pair put aside their inner animal instincts long enough to work together? Or will Nico eat Alger alive in more ways than one?

This book has been previously published; it has been re-edited for release.