Somebody’s Been a Bad Little Wolf

Wayne County Wolves 12
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Sometimes, just as you’ve given up all hope, your true love comes into your life and turns everything upside down.

A dollar short and a day too late, if that wasn’t the story of Levine’s life. Every time the Omega falls for another Wolf, he only manages to lose him to another man. Finally, Levine has given up all hope until a new Wolf, Colt, joins the pack. Levine finds himself instantly attracted to the man and is determined to catch him, no matter what it takes.

Colt is just trying to get used to his new pack. The last thing he needs is some crazy Omega, who is obviously off his rocker, bugging him all the time. Try as he might, though, he can’t make Levine go away. To make things worse, Colt is actually starting to find himself attracted to the Omega.

Will Levine finally get his man? Or is he destined to be alone forever?