The Assassin & The Omega

The Assassin & The Omega (Wayne County Wolves 7)
(Previously The Omega and the Assassin)

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Simon may be the best tracker out there, but somebody else is on his trail, and if he doesn’t watch it, they may just catch him and not release him.

Raised to never trust any other shifters outside his inner circles, the last thing Simon wants to do is to work with a Wolf, much less an Omega.

Finn doesn’t want to work with Simon any more than Simon wants to be with him. Not only does the assassin intimidate him, but Simon is nothing more than a jerk. But, despite all that, Finn finds himself growing attracted to Simon, which is crazy because he hates Simon.

Will Finn and Simon be able to put their differences aside to give love a chance?

This book has been previously published; it has been re-edited for release.