The Wolf Whisperer

The Wolf Whisperer (Wayne County Wolves 14)
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Sometimes fighting ones destiny can lead us to our future.

**This is a re-release that has been re-edited and expanded by approximately 20,000 words.**

To Go Feral. It is what every Wolf fears becoming and what every Wolf fears seeing. Feral Wolves are chained up, ostracized, feared or just plain out murdered. So, when Chris has one of his best Wolves, Burt, go feral on him, he is distraught. On his last wits he calls in a mystic healer, a Wolf Whisperer.

Knowing from near infancy that he was to walk the lands as a Wolf Whisperer, Cree has led a lonely life. Then he meets Burt. As he slowly brings the Wolf back to life, he finds himself attracted to Burt like no other. But theirs is a forbidden romance.

Will Cree and Burt be doomed from the start? Or will love find a way?

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