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    Smashwords has grouped Stephani’s self published series in groups!

    First there were the Lost Shifters and now welcome to the world of the Wayne County Wolves. As the new Alpha of the pack Chris is struggling to rebuild after all the damage his father left behind. At the same time he is having to face new dangers from enemies on the outside. But, he isn’t alone in his battles. He has the love of his mate and the support of his Pack at his back. But, will it be enough to survive in the dark paranormal world full of danger? Series now grouped on Smashwords! It’s been twenty years since the mass Raven attack rocked the Feline Coalition and…

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    Available now at eXtasy Books!

    Offside Pass-The first book of a new, M/M. hockey series!  At one time Devon Canton and his two brothers were the talk of the NHL. Set to become the next superstars of the sport, they had lucrative contracts and numerous endorsements within their reach. Then the bottom fell out of their world and everything changed. Now struggling to make ends meet, they have been reduced to playing in the minor leagues. To make matters worse, they all end up playing for the same dead-end team, the Battle Creek Hawks. Not only hasn’t that team won a game in three years, but their arena is falling down around them and is…

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