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Hi Everyone!Okay so I was going to run a contest this week but time ran away from me soooo I decided to give you all some good news instead.Steph is busy working on more and more stories as well as … Continue reading

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Lost Shifters 1 – Primal Passions Rerelease!

 All Romance EbooksAmazonJacyn Adams grew up in foster care, with no knowledge of Jaguars or Panthers or Ravens or shifters of any type. Until one night while working as an EMT and his world exploded – literally.Logan was sent to … Continue reading

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I’m baaaack

Helloooooo……After my final head block, I think that I’m finally back for real this time. (bye, bye migraines) So, I decided to make things nice and pretty, starting with my new website. Which, I love more than cupcakes.Things are going great with … Continue reading

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Kiplin’s Coming Out out now!

Kiplin’s Coming Out Lost Shifter Series #31 Blurb: Sometimes what we present to the world is an illusion. That is until everything around you comes crashing down and the real you is revealed. Then, all you have is love to … Continue reading

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The Chronicles of Shane-Part Five

I see London, I see France, I see some fuck-head of a Mountain Lion’s underpants. Shane grimaced, wondering why in the hell the guy had chosen to wear boxers that had the Ghostbusters theme on it. Not only was it … Continue reading

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Lost Shifter Luving!

Look at what comes out tomorrow!!!

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Attention! Release Update!

I have some bad news to share with you guys—Tatum Got Bit By A Spider has been delayed. The good news is that it’s only going to be for two weeks. I am so sorry and I hope you all … Continue reading

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Sorry for not Party Rocking

Sorry, it’s been so long since I gave you an update on upcoming releases. I am in the process of updating my webpage, so it’s a tiny, tiny bit behind on things. Okay, it’s way out of date. LOL As … Continue reading

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The Chronicles of Shane-Part Four

“Shane…Shane….Shane!”Shane jerked, both of surprise and the fact that he’d actually let himself be caught so off guard. That never happened to him.  Or at least, it never used to.He let out a sigh turning to study the annoyance that … Continue reading

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News, Releases and Updates Galore!

*Fair Warning-I just had a drink, so please excuse all typos and rambling*I am finally getting caught up from RT. While it was a blast I need to get back to work and focus on the rest of the year. … Continue reading

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