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    I’ve been exchanging emails with the EIC of eXtasy Books and I’m excited to announce some updates and changes to my release schedule. You’ve probably noticed the shiny new cover for my next Lost Shifter book and wondered why I have it so soon. That’s because Shane’s Fury will be released a month early! So now it’s coming out March 15th. I’ll also be spacing the Drone Series out a bit since that series only has a few more books left in it. To fill the void I’ll be writing books about some of the secondary characters from Blast From The Past and Out Of Balance. This new series will…

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    Blurbs to go with the cover loving!

    Ask and ye shall receive! When Forrest learns that he’s being transferred to Pontiac, the young paramedic is excited. Not only did he grow up in the Michigan city, but the move will put him closer to his ailing father. Then the night before he leaves Flint, he’s viciously attacked in a bar parking lot and nearly dies. After he heals and moves to Pontiac, he vows to put the horrible experience behind him and never speak of it to anyone. He soon finds out that he can’t forget that night of terror or the anger that still lingers inside him. Patrick is new to Pontiac as well. A physician…

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    A Tempting Distraction-Excerpt

    Available now at eXtasy Books!   Blurb: Hawk shifter, Garrett has never been one to deny himself what he wants. So when he sees the newest addition to the feline coalition, a cute tiger shifter named Owen, Garrett doesn’t hesitate to make sure they end up in bed. Garrett only plans on keeping the encounter a one-time experience, though. Commitments aren’t something he does and just because Owen is hot, great in the sack and charming isn’t going to change things. Despite his resolve, however, Garrett finds that one taste of Owen is not enough. Which just confuses the hell out of Garrett since they couldn’t be more different. Where…

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    Two more kick ass covers….

    …and here are the two very unedited blurbs to go with them! Finally reunited, Noah and his siblings are celebrating their first holiday together in two decades. Not only that, but it will be his first Christmas with the love of his life, Seth. In other words, Noah has just about everything a Jaguar shifter could need. In fact, he’s so happy that it almost doesn’t matter that his sister is fighting with her wolf shifter boyfriend, two of his brothers are at odds because one shot the other and their city has been hit with one of the worst blizzards in Michigan history. Everything changes, though, when past baggage…

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    A Wicked Caress by Stephani Hecht

    A Wicked Caress Book Five of The Lost Shifter Series Available Now at eXtasy Books www.extasybooks. com     Blurb:   Noah endured a year of harsh captivity by the Ravens before finally being rescued by his fellow feline shifters. Scarred in more ways than one and traumatized, he’s trying to settle into a new life with the family he never knew he had. Too many bad memories and fears are making the transition less than easy, however. Even though his siblings claim to care about him, Noah feels that because of his haunted past he’s unworthy of their devotion. Only one thing brings him any sense happiness, a tiger…

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