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    Sacrifice in Blood (Drone Vampire Series 6) Re-Released!

    Sometimes falling in love can be the death of you. Because of his turbulent childhood, Kale tries to make safe life choices. He stays by his twin’s side, serves his coven leader and never sleeps with the wrong kinds of guys…until he finds himself drawn to the most unsafe man in the world–fellow warlock Ian. Once, Ian was part of the most dreaded coven known to the supernatural world. Although he left the coven at the same time his brother and cousin did, Ian still feels as if those years surrounded by evil stole all the good from him. Many fear him, and Ian likes it that way for he…

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    Retribution in Blood (Drone Vampire Series #5) Just Re-Released!

    Micah knows he should be one happy vampire. Not only has he been reunited with his human family, but he’s found his mate, a very sexy vampire/werewolf named Ozzie. He has everything he ever wanted and more. However, if there’s one thing Micah has learned since being transformed, it’s to never take anything in life for granted. Not only do he and Ozzie have a huge bounty on their heads, but their vampire clan is threatened by enemies from both within and outside. Micah’s worst fears are realized when everyone and everything he has ever held dear is attacked. In order to protect them, Micah must become the very thing…

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    Bound in Blood (Drone Vampire Series #4) Re-Released

        Ethan thought he’d finally overcome all the horrors of the past. With his lover, Zeke, by his side and an entire clan of vampires at his back, he thought he could finally have true happiness. That all changes when an enemy from his old life comes back and threatens all that Ethan holds dear. When he finds out Zeke’s life may hang in the balance, he knows he will have to embrace his dark side in order to get his lover back. Once he gives over to the dark magic, will Ethan even be able to come back? And if so, will he lose Zeke’s love in the…

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    I’ve been exchanging emails with the EIC of eXtasy Books and I’m excited to announce some updates and changes to my release schedule. You’ve probably noticed the shiny new cover for my next Lost Shifter book and wondered why I have it so soon. That’s because Shane’s Fury will be released a month early! So now it’s coming out March 15th. I’ll also be spacing the Drone Series out a bit since that series only has a few more books left in it. To fill the void I’ll be writing books about some of the secondary characters from Blast From The Past and Out Of Balance. This new series will…

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    New Cover-New Blurb!

    Times have never been more perilous for the Drone Vampires and their allied coven. The war against the Pure Born government continues to take heavy casualties and the Drones are in danger of losing what little bit of freedom they have remaining. At the cusp of a major battle that could very well change the tide of the war, it isn’t a good idea to fall in love. Now try telling that to a certain warlock and vampire. From the very first day he came to live with the Drones, Toby has been infatuated with a warlock named Blaine. Not wanting to be rejected by the brooding, yet handsome man, Toby…

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    Date Changes

    ALERT!!!! For those of you who don’t already know, the release dates for The Third Floor and Blood and Alchemy have been reversed. The new dates are the following: The Third Floor-October 15th at eXtasy BooksBlood and Alchemy-October 31st at eXtasy Books

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    Two New Hot Covers to Share!

    Blood and Alchemy  Reunited with his clan and having found his mate, Drone Vampire Nolan only wants to settle in new home and start his happily ever after with his formally evil warlock, Donavan. Sadly, one can never rest easy when they are part of the supernatural world. A lesson Nolan learns the hard way when his clan comes under threat from a group of rogue demons. Soon he finds himself struggling to stay alive, while at the same time protecting Donavan from his own good intentions. It doesn’t make things easier on Nolan, that Donavan’s brother and cousin have developed the nasty habit of blowing up anyone who pisses…

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    Another New Cover

    Enslaved By Blood- Coming to eXtasy Books August 15th! Captured by his enemies, Drone Vampire Nolan, is enslaved in one the many dreaded Pure Born government prisons. Alone and without any allies, it’s an everyday fight for survival as he finds himself incarcerated with some of the worst monsters in the paranormal world. While he knows his fellow Drones are fighting to rescue him, Nolan fears he won’t survive in time for them do so. Then just as he’s given up all hope, a dark, mysterious savior comes in the form of a warlock named, Donavan. A fellow prisoner, Donavan takes Nolan under his protection and soon after—into his bed.…