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    Sperm Plush Doll from Baron Bob

     Sperm Plush Doll from Baron Bob http://www.baronbob.com/sperm-plushdolls.htm Look who wants to swim into your open arms and cuddle. Why it’s the happy go lucky Sperm Plush Doll! Let the Sperm Plush Doll comfort you in times of stress. The Sperm Plush Doll likes to move around. Place them on the couch, bring them on the trampoline, however their most happiest in the bedroom.  Each Sperm Doll is hand made with love by designer Shane Geil. Two sizes to choose from:Original Sperm approximately 10″ long.MEGA Sperm over 20″ long!! Don’t let yours swim away!

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    Man Down-Hot New M/M Novella

    Man Down Available now at eXtasy Books www.extasybooks.com Blurb: All Jessie Goodson wants to do is put the past behind him and focus on his dreams of becoming a paramedic. Broken and scarred in more ways than one, he yearns to prove to everyone who’s ever doubted him that he can make something of himself. Determined to succeed, the last thing he wants is anything or anyone to distract him from his goal. Randal Connors’s job is to train new medics, it sure as hell isn’t to mess around them. Especially a certain blond, who’s not only way too young for him, but haunted by a secret past. But, forbidden…

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    Dusting Off The Blog

    After nearly a year, I’ve decided to dust off my old blog and get it rolling again. It will take me a few days to get all the tweaks out and to update all my information, but once I get everything right, I hope to post at least once a week. *crosses fingers*

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