Cazwell-Get My Money Back

I just watched the video for Cazwell’s, Get My Money Back. I never knew that monkey ears and tails could look so darn sexy on a guy. Cazwell is also well known for another one of his video’s Ice Cream Truck. Since I love you guys, I’ve posted that one here, too. Just be warned that they are a bit NSFW.

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14 Responses to Cazwell-Get My Money Back

  1. Jason says:

    Go monkey bois!

  2. Oh Stephani, Stephani, Stephani…those were, um, fascinating! Those boys have some fabu muscle control, don't they? I think I'll watch again – without the sound! Thanks for sharing 😉

  3. Jase-LOL! I'll never be able to look at the monkey exhibit at the zoo the same way again.Wren-They were…interesting, were they not?

  4. Chris says:

    D'oh! The first video's not available anymore. *sniff*

  5. Chris-Try it now. I think I fixed it.

  6. Chris says:

    You did! Well. How the hell did they come up with the idea for that video?! O.o

  7. Chris-I was thinking the same thing! Although it was kind of fun to see break dancing monkeys.

  8. Sharon S says:

    Wow…so creative!I suddenly have a craving for a banana flavored popsicle. LOL!!!

  9. Sharon-Too funny!I just wish the ice cream truck in my town was half as much fun.

  10. Sharon S says:

    Now wouldn't THAT be interesting! 🙂

  11. Lily says:

    Those are the sexiest monkeys I've ever seen! 😉

  12. Sharon-LOLLily-They are some Hunky Monkeys! (Yeah, I went there.)

  13. Ummm…My daughter is now 16 but one day when I was pregnant with her there was an ice cream truck going through our apartment complex. In my rush to get to it (and I did rush), I scraped my right knee/leg up really bad because I ran into some cinder blocks that I had some plants sitting on on my patio/deck. Got my ice cream but can you imagine what would have happeded to me if these guys were driving the icecream truck instead? Thank God I was already pregnant.

  14. Laura-LOL! Great story. Thanks for sharing.

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