Circling The Drain

3977CirclingTheDrain510w-220x330Available now at eXtasy Books! Sometimes it just takes one fresh spark to rekindle old desires After being a paramedic for over ten years, Grif is burned out. He has seen all the worst society has to offer and then some. He’s tired and ready to hang up his uniform for good. The thrill of the job has long left him, and his life is going nowhere fast. Then along comes his new partner, a green-behind-the-ears kid name Kevin. Not only does Kevin have zero in the way of experience, but he’s a brat to boot. A brat who actually is excited about his job. So why is it that Grif finds the kid so damn attractive? Will Kevin be able to bring back the spark of excitement in Grif’s life? Or is Grif too far gone to be saved? Blurb: Grif let out a sigh. “And with that, I’m going to the bathroom.” Kevin scooted out so Grif could get up then counted to thirty before he said, “You know, I think I need to go, too.” He then went back to the bathroom, taking his time so Grif could take care of his business before Kevin got there. Kevin’s timing was perfect because when he walked in, Grif was washing his hands. They were the only ones in there. Peeeerrrrrrrrrrrrfect. Grif let out a sigh. “What do you want?” “Maybe I just need to go to the bathroom.” “I can tell by the look on your face that it’s not that.” “Okay, so maybe I just wanted to talk.” “You could have easily done that back at the table.” Kevin took several steps closer until he was standing directly in front of Grif. “Why do you keep trying to push me away?” “I told you, you’re too young for me.” Kevin stood on tiptoe and brushed their lips together. “Hmmm…that felt just right to me.” Letting out a muttered curse, Grif grabbed Kevin by the wrist and dragged him from the bathroom. Kevin expected him to take him back to the table, so when he pulled him outside, he was a bit perplexed. That still didn’t stop him from cracking, “Lookie, we’re holding hands.” “Do me a favor and shut up for once,” Grif growled. So Kevin clamped his trap shut and just followed along. Grif led him to an SUV and all but threw him into the backseat. Kevin liked how things were going until Grif followed him in, slammed the door then got right into his face. Pointing a finger right at Kevin’s chest, Grif said, “I don’t know how many times I have to spell this out to you, but nothing is going to happen between me and you. So you can just give it up now.” Since Kevin didn’t know how to reply to that, he threw all caution to the wind, clamped both hands on either side of Grif’s face, and gave him a hard kiss. At first, Grif tensed. Then he let out a curse and took control. “Damn us both to hell,” Grif said as he lowered Kevin back on the seat. He slanted his lips over Kevin’s and deepened the kiss, his tongue plundering Kevin’s mouth. Kevin let out a whimper of delight as desire shot through his body, going straight to his ****. Kevin shifted his hands so they were on Grif’s shoulders, his fingers digging into Grif’s dark t-shirt. Grif settled so the weight of his hard body pressed against Kevin, trapping Kevin, and damned if Kevin didn’t love it. Grif grabbed Kevin by the hair so he tilted his head in the direction Grif preferred, and Kevin obeyed the silent command, more than happy to let him take the lead. Grif could have asked him to do summersaults and he would have, just so long as he kept kissing him. Kevin’s aching **** demanded some attention, so he began to grind it against Grif. At first just a little bit, but more as the kissing became more frenzied. Then just as things were starting to get good and Kevin was about to cream his pants, Grif abruptly pulled away. “We can’t do this. Not here. Not now. Not ever,” he said.
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4 Responses to Circling The Drain

  1. Peggy says:

    I didn’t realize how much I missed this series. I really liked this book. Grif is probably one of my favorite characters. The cranky ones always fall the hardest.

  2. joann says:

    i love ems series they are sooo goood. when she put grif into a bad situlation with kevin its good in a way sometime its funny in the way she does it . i love the ems series . and you write a great story about grif and kevin

  3. Awesome story indeed. I have been seeking for this information.

  4. stephanihecht says:

    I am so glad you guys enjoyed it. I was worried that people would find Grif too cranky. LOL

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