Coming Soon

The Hunt Begins Coming soon!


288 comments on “Coming Soon

  1. Tracy says:

    Hello Ms. Hecht – – any update on books coming?

  2. deb says:

    Hi! Just want to drop you a note. Hope you are feeling better. I look forward to next Lost Shifter or
    Wayne County book. But don’t rush your return. Merry Christmas and a great New Year to you.

  3. Tracy says:

    Hoping the new year is treating you well. You are in our thoughts

  4. Lisa says:

    Stephani, I am missing my lost shifters.

    • Ricky says:

      Me too. LS and WCW are my favorite series ;) Still hoping for a jackal getting a mate hehe. I hope your feeling ok Stephani

  5. Renee says:

    Love your books. Hope to see new Dragon Soul books one day. :)

  6. Tracy C says:

    I have just finish rereading the 3 books in the Night Warden series. I forgot how much I enjoyed them! I hope there will be more. I’m looking forward to Kamden’s story…and Teddy’s…and the rest too! Hope you are feeling much better. Thank you for your great stories!

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