Coming Soon

The Defeat of Lawson Coming May 1st!


Taming an Owl Coming May 15th!


Somebody's Been a Bad little wolf Coming June 1st!

The Hunt Begins Coming June 15th


195 comments on “Coming Soon

  1. Janet says:


  2. Erika says:

    Hi, I’ve been to following the serie The Lost Shifters and i’ve seen that there is a sub-serie called Wayne County Wolves.

    So, I do know that the sub-serie starts after the book 17 (Colby and the Little Wolf), but i would like to know the sequel of launch of the two series after that.

    Thank you


    • EM says:

      I hope this helps…
      Lost shifter = LS
Wayne County Wolves = WCW

      LS 1 Primal Passions

      LS 2 A Feral Christmas
LS 3 Savage Awakenings

      LS 4 Carnal Intentions
LS 5 A Wicked Caress

      LS 6 Ruthless Pursuit

      LS 7 A Tempting Distraction

      LS 8 A Shifter Christmas
LS 9 An Assassin’s Touch
LS 10 Shane’s Fury

      LS 11 Riley’s Regret
LS 12 Ranger’s Folly

      LS 13 Chance’s Vindication
      LS – mini short There’s Fur in My Wedding Cake *
LS 14 Russell Reversal

      LS 15 Fangs, Fur and Snowballs

      LS 16 Gage’s Awakening

      LS 17 A Very Shaney Valentine’s Day
LS 18 Colby and the Little Wolf

      WCW 1 Ervin’s Dilemma

      LS 19 North’s Complication

      WCW 2 Run, Alger! Run!

      LS 20 When Tatum Got Bit By the Spider
LS 21 Shane’s Inner Anger

      WCW – mini short The Odds Maker
LS 22 A Christmas for Ava

      WCW 3 Braxton’s Salvation

      LS 23 Ackley’s Savior

      WCW 4 Justice’s Little Nibbler

      LS 24 Doc Featherstone’s Return

      WCW 5 The Angry Dove and the Assassin

      LS 25 Kallen’s Atonement
WCW 6 The Leopard who Changed his Spots

      LS 26 Skye’s Limit

      WCW 7 The Omega and the Assassin
      LS27 Trials of Gregg
      WCW8 In Plain Sight
      WCW9 Wayne County Holidays
      LS28 Assassin Found

      *available as a prologue in the Amazon copy of Russell’s Reversal as it is the first meeting for Russell and Dalton – Dalton alludes to it in Chance’s Vindication… It is also available on BookStrand and All Romance eBooks as a free download, by itself.

  3. Janet says:


  4. valerie peck says:

    birds of prey is it going to be continue.

  5. Ricky says:

    Any chance of seeing a jackal shifter join the coalition or wolf pack like chance and kallen joined the coalition. I keep hoping for that every book.

  6. Tina says:

    Any idea when the next Birds of Prey book will be out??

  7. Caligirl says:

    Hello Ms. Stephani!! when will Kit’s Return be available in Amazon?

  8. Caligirl says:

    what?! no more books?! LMAO just kidding hon!!

  9. Caligirl says:

    any WIP?

  10. Diana Bergmansgro says:

    more Shane and Toby and Ava, pretty please, with an assasins cloak over it!!!!!

  11. Debbie says:

    Hey – if you go directly to you can get Stephani’s books as soon as they are released. They even have a button that allows you to “Send to Kindle”. I can never wait…I go straight to the source :)

  12. Caligirl says:

    it is too bad that the website wants my damned phone number to sign up!! NOT HAPPENING!!

  13. Teddie says:

    Any idea when Touching Tate will be at All Romance??? I have a gift certificate there.

  14. deb says:

    I know that 4 of your books are on the coming soon site at Extasy Books. One each from Birds
    of Prey, Wayne County Wolves, Lost Shifters, and Owl book 2. Would you know when we will
    be able to order any of these? I have very little money each month for books, so I have to watch
    the money and coming soon carefully.

    • Lisa says:

      Extasy offer new books on the 1st and 15th of the month. However, you never know which release date of that month they will come out. I have the same budget as you for books so, I usually wait until the 15th of month to purchase new books. I hope this helps.

  15. Caligirl says:

    where is ‘The Dire Wolf Who Stole My Heart’ take place…is there a Direwood in it?

  16. deb says:

    Lisa thanks. You have help a lot.

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