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Storming Love – Bradley & Mike – Coming September 2014!



The Hunt Begins Coming soon!


281 comments on “Coming Soon

  1. Caligirl says:

    Dumb and Ass,,,i hope they won’t end up together…

    • EM says:

      they are an already well established long-term couple. Besides if it wasn’t for Jared, Kevin would probably been killed by now for that attitude of his.

  2. Caligirl says:

    are they TRUE mates then?

    • EM says:

      depending on your usage of the term “TRUE”. in this world the shifters choose their mates – it is not a fated thing. But they chose each other a long time ago, are mated, happy, in love, have mentored younger shifters together as “pseudo-parents”, have a home they have shared together for many years, go on vacations/family trips with each other just the two of them (as mentioned in at least 2 books)….. I would say that that makes them as TRUE of mates as any of the other couples in the combined series world, yes.

      Below are just 3 quotes from Lost Shifter, Book 1 to see the initial pre-Book 1 establishment of the mated-ness.

      “He’s sending Dumb and Ass,” Rat chuckled, using his nickname for Kevin and Jared, a mated
      couple of panthers. – Primal Passions, Lost Shifter 1, page 31

      The only fault Logan could find in (Jared) is he’d picked a tool for a mate. – Primal Passions. Lost Shifter 1, page 107

      Kevin rubbed his cheek against Jared’s chest, marking him with his scent. “I love you so much.” – Primal Passions, Lost Shifter 1, page 108

  3. Caligirl says:

    what is Kiplin’s Coming Out? where is the book?

  4. Caligirl says:

    it isn’t showing the book in here.

  5. I just don’t have the cover yet. It’s going to be a Lost Shifter Book :-)

  6. sm84 says:

    Will there be any more EMS Heat books coming out?

  7. Deana says:

    Luv, luv, luv your books. I read everything you write, favorite character Shane, I can just imagine him a babyface assassin. Reading one of your books makes my day. Keep doing the wonderful things you do.

  8. Anne Cochran says:

    What happened to the Drone Vampires?

  9. Ricky says:

    I don’t see Kiplin’s Coming Out in the coming soon area of extasy just a heads up. I can hardly wait for more lost shifters :)

  10. joann says:

    there is more of ems I hope I just love the series I wish you can do a update of dustin and his partner if the man who hurt dustin comes back that’s will be a great story

  11. susan says:

    HI Stephani, I love your books. I am wondering if you were going to write Ronnie’s or Mark’s books from the Imperfect Porn Series? I would love to see their books. thanks!

  12. Caligirl says:

    when will Kiplin’s Coming Out be in Amazon?

    • Ricky says:

      You can buy it on extasy and have it sent to kindle. That’s what I do.

    • EM says:

      I have found that it usually takes 2-4 weeks for Ms. Hecht’s books to hit Amazon. Some authors can take longer or less time.
      Also, though I know you don’t want an Extasy account, I have found the more sure fire way to get their books to my Kindle is to download the .prc or the .mobi and then email it to my kindle. It’s usually done in under a minute. (Amazon used to have data limits from other book sites, but the only restriction I’ve found with stuff I email is I think 25 items or less per email.)

  13. Alyse says:

    Any idea when the next Dargon’s Soul book will be out?

  14. Tina says:

    So what happened to the Lost Shifters book that was coming out today?

    • Ricky says:

      Yeah was it delayed? I’ve been anticipating today then I go to the sight and can’t get it yet. I really hope we don’t have to wait till august :(

      • Caligirl says:

        maybe the publishers are having issues, or Ms. Stephani is not feeling well, or technical issues…any number of things…

    • Terri says:

      I was just wondering about this myself.

      • Caligirl says:

        stephanihecht says:
        July 16, 2014 at 13:45
        I know some of you are wondering why the book didn’t come out yesterday.. I am hoping to get a blog up today to explain why. I just wanted to let you know that I hear you and I’m not ignoring you.

  15. Merche says:

    Hi, I can’t find the “coming soon” books. Are they out yet?

    • Caligirl says:

      Dear Readers:

      I am sorry that I haven’t had a new release lately. I had the best intentions of keeping my regular deadlines, as I treasure each and every one of you. However, I was ordered by several doctors and practitioners that I need to slow down for a while. That doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing any books in the near future. It just mean, that for a while, the pace will slow down a bit.

      With all my love,

  16. Tai says:

    I saw on a site somewhere (sorry, I can’t recall where), that there’s another story about Shane from The Lost Shifter Series titled ‘Chronicles of Shane’. I have looked, but can’t find this available anywhere. Is there someplace I can get it?
    I’d really appreciate the info. I have most of your books; all of the lost shifter series & almost all of a few of your other series. I’ve read them several times & I truly enjoy the tales you write. Thx for sharing them w/us.
    God Bless. ~Tai

    • EM Hager says:

      The Chronicles of Shane are an ongoing blog segment. If you go the search bar at the top left of this site and type in “Chronicles of Shane” it will show them all to you. :)

      (Just click on the pale grey circle with the magnifying glass, then type. *Note: it is not just a single story arch but more like moments in Shane’s life – his job, therapy, friends and family.)

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  18. Looks like we have a spammer here, guys. *puts finger to mouth and ponders* Should I delete him or let him enter our land of crazy?

  19. Cali says:


  20. EM Hager says:

    I agree with Cali, delete it.
    I’m very happy to hear you are feeling better. Just remember to not over do it. Anytime, anyone is ill and they have things they feel they need to catch-up on,the minute they start to feel better, they immediately over do it and make themselves worse. Please, don’t fall into that trap. We have proven we can be patient. We love you and just want what is best for you. Take care of you, we will always be here. :)

  21. Alyse Masen says:

    SO logging onto Extasybooks today I was surprised and excited to see Kiplin’s Coming Out on there. :)

  22. Cali says:

    so unfair for those of us who go thru Amazon that we have to wait! ;-(

  23. Cali says:

    Hello Ms. Stephani, How are you doing hon?

  24. Angelica says:

    I was wondering if you were planing a Kamden book for the Night Wardens Series? On a side note love your work and thank you for writing it.

  25. Cali says:

    Hello Ms. Stephani, how are you doing?

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