An Angel’s Hope

An Angel’s Hope (Archangels 9)
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Born an angel warrior, Ramiel always knew it would be his destiny to protect mankind from demons. He also knew it meant his desires and needs would come second. Since the angel warriors are still embroiled in a civil war with the justice angels, now he has the added worry of keeping his loved ones safe. Never in a million years did he dream he would have to marry a fairy princess named Nissa. He has no choice though. In order to win the war, the angel warriors need the fairy armies on their side, and by taking her as his bride, he can form that desperately needed alliance. Nissa knows Ramiel is only wedding her out of duty, but she is drawn to the dangerous archangel. Alone since she had been just a child, she is used to having to take care of herself. The last thing she wants now is to find herself dependant on someone else. Even if he is tall, hot and all muscles. Still, the moment Ramiel holds her in his arms, Nissa knows there is no way she can deny her desires. But at what cost?