Angelic Rapture

Angelic Rapture (Archangels 10)
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Betrayed and almost murdered by his first true love, Nathaniel wants nothing to do with any female angel. Which is why when Chief Archangel Michael sends him on mission, Nathaniel picks the one female to be on his team that he knows he’s safe with, Jules. For years Jules has lived with his family and, while he’s grown protective of her, he’s never been attracted to her. To him she’s just one of the guys, a pal, a fellow angel warrior, certainly not someone he is sexually attracted to. Forced to leave her family behind in Heaven when the angel warriors rebelled, Jules has always kept her emotions closely guarded. While she has watched all her friends find their mates, she has been happy to be unattached, devoting herself fully to the angel warrior cause. When she finds out she has to go with Nathaniel on a mission, she doesn’t even think twice. While many other angels fear him because he’s so broody and intense, she knows deep down he has a soft side. To their horror, the more time they spend together, the more they find themselves drawn to each other. It couldn’t come at a worse time either. They have to fight a demon uprising that could end the world. Plus, they have to contend with the third member of their team, a freshly trained angel warrior healer, who is terrified of demons and can’t even use her weapon without accidently harming innocents. Then something happens that threatens not only the future of all humanity, but the angel warriors as well. Will Nathaniel and Jules be able to stop it? Or will they lose everything–even each other and what could have been?