Angel’s Blood

Angel’s Blood (Archangels 5)
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Half incubus and half angel, Cam precariously treads a thin line between good and evil. Haunted by a past that can never be absolved, he hopes to tip the scale in favor of good and devotes his life to the Angel Warriors. As civil war rages amongst Justice Angels in Heaven, Cam and fellow earthly exiled Angel Warriors scramble to survive to continue their eternal battle against Lucifer and his demons. Only one thing from Heaven calls to Cam. Amadeaha. Innocent niece to the leader of the Justice Angels. The one female he yearns to claim and mark as his mate for eternity. The one female he has vowed never to touch. But when her life is placed in danger and she rushes to his side, Cam must decide which is the greater threat, the evil hunting her, or his love that will damn her for all eternity.