Angel’s Quest

Angel’s Quest (Archangels 7)
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It’s never easy being the head honcho and things have just gotten worse for Chief Archangel Michael in the past few years. Not only has he found himself smack dab in the middle of an angel civil war, but his family has suffered a heart-breaking blow. With his nephew, Bear, possessed by an ancient demon, Michael and the angel warriors head off on a quest to find a fairy child who holds the cure. It’s a race against time as each day brings Bear closer to death. The one bright spot in Michael’s life is Rachael. He has admired the beautiful female archangel from afar for years, but has never dared to act on his feelings. Then he finds himself thrown together with her as they fight to save Bear’s life. Michael knows he can no longer deny his feelings for her. Until a dark secret from his past threatens to destroy everything he has… and everything he ever dreamed of.