Captive Angels

Captive Angels (Archangels 2)
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Gabi may be one of the most dedicated healers amongst the angel warriors, but she is certainly not immune to the longings and desires that plague any female. For as long as she could remember, she only wanted one certain archangel to fulfill them—Abdiel. Now that he is her mate forever, Gabi is sure that after everything they’ve endured, a happily ever after is long overdue. For both of them. Of course, a fairy tale romance is quite different when you’re fighting demons and trying to save Earth from certain destruction. To make things even more fun, the third member of their team, Cam, suddenly has a big chip on his shoulder and an even bigger bounty on his head. Forced to deal with the sister-in-law from Hell, literally, Gabi holds on to love’s hope. To make matters worse, Abdiel and Cam are captured by demons. Gabi knows she’s the only one that can bring them back home and may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to do so. Sometimes heaven and hell wreak havoc on love’s bliss. Sometimes love is hell and heaven is not the answer.