Have a Harpy Holiday

Have a Harpy Holiday (Archangel 5.5)
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It’s the holiday season and Cadean is feeling neither holly nor jolly. It isn’t because she is a harpy and demons don’t exactly get into the Holiday Spirit. Nor is it because she has no family, and the only one she has to celebrate with is her friend, Lilith, a borderline psychopath succubus. It’s because her latest assignment has been anything but easy. The target isn’t what is giving her fits though, it’s a rogue angel. A rogue angel that is hell bent on making her even more miserable than she already was because he keeps getting in the way of her latest assignment so he can make the catch and collect the bounty. The same bounty that will not only pay off her credit cards, but will allow her to move out of Lilith’s apartment and into a place of her own. So, she isn’t about to roll over and just let him win. Even if he is the most handsome male she had ever come across. Ever since the civil war in Heaven started, Emmanuel has found himself lost. As a former justice archangel, his loyalties are divided when he finds himself tied to both sides. When he refuses to go against the angel warriors, he is declared a rogue by the angel council and banished to Earth. Bitter and angry, he just wants to collect the reward on the bounty and hole up somewhere until the Holidays are over. But he takes one look at the beautiful harpy that’s in his way and he knows that is going to be easier said than done.