Blood and Alchemy

The Drone Vampire Chronicles 12
2nd Edition Coming Soon

Reunited with his clan and having found his mate, Drone Vampire Nolan only wants to settle in at his new home and start his happily ever after with his formally evil warlock, Donavan. But, one can never rest easy when they are part of the supernatural world. A lesson Nolan learns the hard way when his clan comes under threat from a group of rogue demons. Soon he finds himself struggling to stay alive, while at the same protecting Donavan from his own good intentions. It doesn’t make things easier on Nolan, that Donavan’s brother and cousin have developed the nasty habit of blowing up anyone who pisses them off. Then Donavan’s relations make the mistake of offing the wrong demon and things become more perilous than ever. Will Nolan be able to save the love of his life and his clan? Or will he be forced to make the most heart wrenching decision ever and have to pick one over the other?

WARNING: this book contains homoerotica.