Blood and Holly

The Drone Vampire Chronicles 1.5
2nd Edition Coming Soon

Blood Clubs are highly secretive places where vampires can go to find both blood and sex. Erotic, dark and dangerous, the establishments are not for the timid. When Markus suggests to his friend, Dante, they should go to one, the vampire doesn’t hesitate for a second. It’s just the place Dante needs to calm the beast within him. After spending ten years in the hellish paranormal prison, for a crime he didn’t commit, he is teetering on the thin line between dark and light, especially since it’s the holiday season and he’s being reminded of all he lost. The last thing he expects to encounter at the club is a female who is innocent to taboo pleasures. Drawn to her beauty, Dante knows he must claim her. He also knows he wants Markus to join in the encounter. Dahlia yearns to be with the two mysterious males, but will she be able to handle their carnal desires?