Blood and Magic

The Drone Vampire Chronicles 4
2nd Edition Coming Soon

Born to a witch mother, Rafe always knew he had to keep that fact a secret for if it were discovered by his fellow vampires, it would not only make him an outcast, but could very well be his death warrant. As long as history has been recorded, witches and vampires have been mortal enemies and never once has a halfling been allowed to live. His entire world was turned upside down when a witch called Morgan manages, against all odds, to weasel her way into his vampire clan. For months, she threatens to expose him unless he agrees to go back to her coven to meet his mother, but Rafe is able to hold her at bay while still keeping his secret. He also manages to fight the ever growing desire he feels for the small slip of a witch. Then one day a warlock named Dominic shows up, claiming that Rafe is the key to saving the world. Even though Rafe wants to deny the stranger’s claims, events and signs all show he’s not lying. Finally Rafe knows he can no longer deny the truth, nor can he deny his desire to possess Morgan—and Dominic.