Blood Lust

The Drone Vampire Chronicles 1
2nd Edition Coming Soon!

Once top soldiers for the Vampire Regulation Force, Kane Toren and his two younger brothers were the ones to call for missions no one else could handle. They were feared by everyone and respected by all. That ended in one horrible night, when an entire human family was slaughtered and the brothers were falsely accused, imprisoned and disgraced. Ten years later, Kane is out of prison and struggling to support himself and his brothers by taking jobs no self-respecting vampire would accept. Then on Halloween Night a beautiful female Drone vampire, named Toni, shows up at his door seeking his help. There is no way Kane can turn her away, even though he knows she, too, is harboring demons from her own dark past. Despite all that, they find themselves drawn to each other. But, can they let go of the past long enough to embrace the future?