Blood of an Angel

The Drone Vampire Chronicles 16
2nd Edition Coming Soon

Sometimes, the only thing more terrifying than a brutal, paranormal civil war, can be having to face who you really are.

Since birth there was one thing that Lachlan was certain of, that he was a warlock. He’d dreamed of one day being the most powerful healer of his childhood coven, but sometimes the fates can be real bitches and his life took a complete different direction. Not only was his coven and most of his family destroyed by the Ninth, but the evil coven kept him captive for years.

Now free of the coven, Lachlan finds out that he’s part angel, something that makes him more hunted than ever. When he finds himself drawn to a quiet, yet sweet vampire named Jeremy, Lachlan worries that his feelings will put the other man in danger.

Lachlan’s worst fears come true when the coven and clan come under attack, putting Jeremy in harm’s way. As Lachlan comes to the realization that the only way to save the man is to embrace his angel side, he can no longer hide from the truth.

Will Lachlan save Jeremy in time, or will the war claim yet another victim?